Life with a bunch of men….

For a really long time it was just me and my cat Jimi. Jimi is 10 years old this year, and he has been with me since he was a teeny kitten. I was working for Disney Feature Animation in Burbank CA at the time and I went into the women’s bathroom after lunch and there was a woman in there washing this orange fur ball in the sink. “Oh hi” she said, “can you hold him for me while I use the toilet? He pooped all over himself and I had to wash him off but he’s clean now. My cat had a litter and I am trying to give them away so I brought them to work”. She smiled as she handed him to me and walked into a stall.

Sold. I mean, c’mon! He fit in the palm of my hand, he was wet and his long hair was spiked out like he had been electrified, and he had blue eyes (which have since turned yellowish). I had overalls on and I stuffed him in the bib where he cuddled and slept all the rest of my work day. We have been together ever since.

Jimi is an interesting cat. He is very loving to me and being that it was just the two of us for the majority of his life, we were very used to each other. I tried unsuccessfully to add another kitten to the household ONCE. That lasted less than 24 hours and with absolutely no sleep because of the endless howling, hissing and general mayhem I returned the poor kitten to it’s mother.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago right before hurricane Wilma. I had been wanting a dog forever and I had a great house, a yard, a pool, plenty of park around me and I was single… so plenty of time to spend on him… so I got Cody. My Labrador Retriever. Big even for a puppy Jimi didn’t even know what to make of this crazy thing running around the house so awkward and hyper. Jimi just hung out on top of everything… the couch, the chairs, stools, tables… and watched. Cool! No howling!

Life with Cody was just fine and as I said i got him about a week prior to Hurricane Wilma. It was perfect timing since with the lack of electricity in my area for three weeks I got to stay home from work and we all got to hang out with him the entire time.

Now fast forward to about 2008. Here would be a good time to mention how much I love the litter box. I had to make sure Cody knew that the litter box was completely off limits, which was pretty easy with that big nose of his. He learned that pretty fast. But the litter box is my nemesis and a task which I dread, and always have. And as anyone with cats knows, as they get older they get a bit more sloppy, and stinky, and just messy in general. So getting another cat was not even remotely on my mind at all. But I met my guy in late 2007 and we had been spending alot of time together at my house. He volunteered at a bird rescue in Miami and mentioned one day in mid-2008 that someone had brought in a kitten that they found in a box in the MIDDLE of the Causeway. A tiny little thing that was completely black and just adorable, and because it is a bird rescue they needed to find it a home right away. As the week’s went by and i was informed of the plight of this kitten, animal agencies would not take it since they knew it would not be adopted because of it’s color, I of course being the animal lover started to cave. Apparently there is bad joo joo associated with black cats in greater Miami being of the voodoo mindset. Bad joo joo. Bad luck.

Oh how I did not want yet another litter box resident. And I know how Jimi is with other cats. No No No No No….  and yet I was convinced to just come see him. Yes… a him. And yes I took him home. He fit in the palm of my hand and his belly was so poofed out from god knows what parasite and he was just so cute. (can you see the word “sucker” written on my forehead like I see it?)

So enter Albert. As in Albert King who coined the phrase “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”.

Jimi still has not adjusted. Seriously. If anything could be any more grumpy and whiny! But the balance comes in the relationship between this tiny cat and this huge dog. They are inseparable and the funniest of buddies. Albert rules the house, he is alpha. Cody lets him. Jimi puts up with it all because he has to. We have many nicknames for Albert as he is a runt of the litter and continues to stay small even though he is full grown. What he lacks in size he makes up for in personality ten fold. Hence his nicknames: Evil, Little, Smallbert… Albert likes to jump up around Cody’s neck with both arms and hang off of him while biting him just to show who is boss around here. He sits on top of the arm of the couch and whacks at Cody’s tail as he walks by. He runs over and tries to grab milkbones out of Cody’s mouth when Cody has a treat.  And Cody being the mild mannered good boy that he is, simply lets him.

The three idiots as I like to call them do in fact hang out all together sometimes, especially when locked outside while I am cleaning the house. Or cuddling up when it is cold outside to watch a lil Sunday afternoon football with Mommy…

Life is definitely more interesting with these three. And with the addition of my guy moving in shortly after Albert arrived, I am completely outnumbered. No complaints though… I don’t know of a better way to spend my days than hanging out with all these very distinct personalities and watching the interactions. Especially with Albert and Cody…

Never a dull moment that’s for sure…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Life with a bunch of men….”

  1. We’ve recently opened out home to Havana, an English Bulldog. She’s brought tons of joy and laughter to our home.

  2. Bulldogs are great! And amazing creatures as well. Bred to actually take down a bull! I have a friend who is a Veterinarian that has one and told me about the breeding history: “The Bulldog was bred in the early 13th Century for bull baiting. The short muzzle and wide lower jaw were needed for the dog to clamp itself to the bull’s nose like a vise, and the nose had to be upturned so that the dog could still breathe while clinging to the bull. ” With their broad shoulders and tiny hind quarters they are adorable and his particularly grunts and snorts like a small bull. Ha!

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