Running and the Ocean

I am a runner. I have been running for decades now as a way to stay in shape. I thought i was pretty good until I met my guy who was a marathon runner with three under his belt. I mean I do my 5 miles and I feel like I accomplished something, but to do 26.2? Wow. I am lame! So after we moved in together, got lazy and fat together, and then started to get back into shape once we realized how fat we really got together, we are both getting back on the running horse. I am back up to an easy effortless 5 miles a pop… he is doing the same. But here in West Boca it is a virtual steam bath even at 7am, so it is tough to get motivated to get out there and sweat like a faucet for an hour. And beyond that it really just kills you for the rest of the day. I did 4.5 miles yesterday morning and was drenched in sweat, and had a killer headache all day even though I downed a ton of water.

So on Sunday because we wanted to change up the scenery and get over to the beach while it is still oil free, we decided to do a run on the coast. There is a great running path on A1A so we parked on the street for free and walked over to the beach area. We ran through a beach park that has a paved path which winds through some wonderfully shaded coastal hammock, and then out to A1A and up to another park, turned around and completed a short 3 mile run. We then walked through the park and down onto the beach where we jumped in the ocean for a bit to cool off. It was kind of rough with some steady sets of waves and a bit of an undertow, but it was gorgeous and really clear. We then walked the last mile on the sand.

For some reason, being at the ocean creates a sense of calm and purpose for me. I lose the thoughts of the list of tasks I need to accomplish for the day, I lose the sense of “what’s next” and I am happy in the moment.  This does not happen for me all that often in my daily routine, to actually shut off my mind in a way and focus my thoughts on the moment I am in. In fact it is such a rarity that I completely forgot about the difference in mind until Sunday. I have not been to the beach in a while. It made me realize that I really need to get to the beach and out in the water more regularly. Although it is rather far from where I live it is not really all that far in reality. It seems far because of the traffic… but I am about 10 miles from the beach. But that total calm, the waves, the power of the water, the smell of the sand and the ocean, the birds and the fish… it sends a message to my being that this is where I am and there is nowhere else to be right now.

I am vowing to do this every weekend. My long run on the weekends will be at the beach so that I can start the week off correctly with a re-centering. It’s all a perspective thing. I was telling my guy that if we ever move to the beach it would be such a fantastic thing to have that a part of my every day. I enjoy the connection with the outdoors so much even in West Boca, to have it become more coastal would be a dream. Now with the Florida economy on such a downside things that were never affordable before can be somewhat affordable now… sort of.  Selling my house that I have now is another story entirely. But it would be a dream that is for sure.

But that brief jaunt to the ocean to run, breath the ocean air, pump that through my lungs and sweat like crazy, and then to cool off in the water… that is the stuff of life! And it really is about stopping to appreciate the small things that so many people take for granted.

Ok UPDATE… had to go run at the beach this morning since I have been thinking about it non-stop. I enjoyed the run and mostly enjoyed the dip in the ocean afterwards. It was STUNNING this morning and calm as a lake… so i took some pics and thought I would share.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “Running and the Ocean”

  1. Running along the water is quite calming. I’ve run along Satellite Beach a few times.

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