So Far So Good…

Tuesday November 9: we are skipping our normal Tuesday visit to the Vet today. I am not complaining! Because of Cody’s big dose of chemo last week this is part of his protocol to skip this week, but he is absolutely fine. In fact I almost think that they may have given him the wrong drugs last week because he has not had any issues whatsoever, except for the major reaction to the tranquilizer. The chemo seems to have had no effect, no diarrhea, no puking and trust me, no lethargy. He is hyper, active, happy and playful just like normal. The lymph nodes are undetectable but I am thinking that is because of the steroid they gave him. Who knows?

Regardless he is doing fine. I have taken him running with the ball, he has been playing and now he is gnawing his way through what looks t o me like a cow femur… one of those huge bones I got him from the pet store.

Although I did not take him to the vet today, I did happen to have an interesting morning which somewhat involved that animal hospital, indirectly. I was running this morning and I happen to have been passing the driveway to the vet when I saw a bicyclist get hit by a car right there. In front of the vet’s driveway! I of course stopped and ran over to the cyclist, moved his bike and stopped traffic since he was lying in the middle of the road (it is a 45 mph road) and waited there with him and the driver of the car until the ambulance and police got there. They took my name etc… I saw the whole thing. Craziness! Poor guy, he said he had a race t his Sunday… Not sure he will be making that. He hit pretty hard. He seemed relatively ok though, his knee was banged up and he definitely hurt his ribs. People just do not pay enough attention while driving… Whether it is texting or talking on the phone or reading the newspaper (seen that a lot), a book (seen that too), putting on makeup, drinking mini wines (seen this too, this lady GUZZLING while driving!), their dogs on their laps or just out of it. This man just rolled right into the street without stopping… There was no way the biker could have avoided hitting him.

Oh well…

I have actually had issues running Cody across the street as well. Two incidents happened…

The is a large open field across the 40mph road right across the street from my street. Kind of hard to explain but it runs perpendicular from my street, where the top of my street meets the larger road. On that road it is just canal and sidewalk, and at one end is an elementary school. So all along the rest of the road is open space, but it butts up against the fast moving road. No fence. So when i take Cody over there I am cautious whenever there is a car going by because they are always speeding and I worry that Cody may accidentally his the ball in the street and run after it. It goes in the canal a lot which is on the opposite side of the field than the street so it could happen. So if i see a car, i make him come and sit or lay at my feet until they pass. Well this one morning I was playing with him and I guess I just did not see this car coming from behind me, and they deliberately swerved onto the grass like they are playing chicken with my dog who was running back to me with the ball! I was livid and as they swerved back onto the road i yelled and chased them trying to get their license tag. Another incident that was kind of funny actually was this woman started to pull over to I guess get Cody, because she did not see me there and thought the dog was loose. Nice of her.

Anyway… I am glad I could be a good Samaritan today, and i am more than glad that Cody is doing well from that big dose of chemo. Now if only I could find a good job all will be well in my world. Unemployment sucks…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 9, 2010.

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