Holidays and Weirdness….

We had a good mellow holiday this last week…. started off on Monday with a haircut party with my girls which was good fun and fashion frenzied! Love my new haircut and Cody had a blast with everyone here. He is like a hair magnet and no matter what we tried he just had to lay on the sheet I put on the floor to capture all the hair. He is a dog of course…

By Wednesday we were doing pretty good with all the food prep for our small gathering. When I was at Whole Foods I bought Cody some raw bones from the butcher. They are grass fed hormone free and the bone marrow is good for him… so i gave him one of those and it  was truly disgusting… but he loved it! Tim got home early so we had some drinks and then went to the Boca Muse to hang out with friends and see a band.

Thursday Cody seemed fine and had a little bit of turkey. He was lively and happy and in good spirits. Friday I took him running before we left for the West Coast for the day to visit friends in Marco Island. He was good, solid poop and all that. We were gone all day and he was inside for a good 9 hours or so, but no issues when we got home at all. He has always been good like that… never any accidents in the house at all.

Saturday we noticed a bit of diarrhea, and his eyes were goopy. I had been noticing the eye boogers lately but thought it was nothing. But Saturday it was very noticeable and very goopy. Both eyes. This does not bother me as much as the diarrhea does, and that started to get worse. I am wracking my brain trying to figure out what could be causing the diarrhea… not the turkey because that was days ago… the bone? Did he eat something funky in the yard? Is he just getting sick? Did he catch something outside? It can’t be the chemo since that was two weeks ago… can it? His face is also getting spotty and he looks generally a bit haggered. I am worried.

I gave him some Endosorb tablets with his food, two at dinner last night and three this morning. Clearly the Endosorb did nothing to help him as Tim woke up around 4am and found a pile of shit in the living room that he cleaned up while i slept. Very nice of him as cleaning poop makes me gag to the point that I almost puke… every time. I can clean a toilet, i can clean puke… but poop makes me gag uncontrollably.

You can see in the picture of his nose that there are spots of hair loss. I think he id definitely losing his whiskers now too although they see to be getting shorter like they are breaking, not falling all the way out. he is absolutely tired and seems to try really hard to rally and be excited and play, but then just basically drops to the floor and lays down tired.

I am sure this has everything to do with the chemo finally taking it’s toll on his body. I have been waiting to see side effects but secretly hoping that MY dog would be fine through all of this horrific killing of cells. Not that I have been in denial. Far from it. I have been absolutely neurotic about over analyzing all of his actions, reactions, moods… i am all over it. I guess i am just upset at seeing him show his sickness. The tumors were one thing, that was the ONLY sign in an otherwise totally healthy vibrant animal. Now i a seeing him get tired and that scares me.

But again, he is still happy and as long as he runs to greet me, plays with the ball, interacts and has energy then I am going to keep going for him. I just need to keep in mind that I do not want it to get to that point of total lack of interest and lethargy before I stop… i want him to be able to stay happy.


I have always been solely responsible for just me. I have no kids, just animals. And I have never been in charge of another being’s being. I feel like I am playing god sometimes and controlling his fate and i hope against hope that I am doing the right thing for him. Not for me. Or not JUST for me. It’s a tough road and a fine line.

We go see Butzer tomorrow. I have a list of things to talk about with him. I hope that this is just normal for chemo and he does not have a cold or anything that could compromise his immune system. He has nothing to fight off any sickness… so again… I am worried. We’ll see…..


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 29, 2010.

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