Tuesday November 30

Well we just got home from the Vet. What an insane experience today! I have never seen so many people in this tiny place! As we walked up to the door there was a LINE out the door, people on phones and crowding around the counter, dogs yapping, dogs in blankets, dogs in bows and sweaters (it is Boca y’know), most being carried but some just going nuts. Now Cody is not feeling well as i explained yesterday so understandably i am a bit freaked. He has no immune system right now because of chemo and he is not supposed to be around other dogs, especially if they are sick or have had no shots. Usually Tuesday is a totally mellow empty day here… No idea what is going on. Did everyone get puppies for Thanksgiving?

So i get up close to the counter and catch the eye of a girl who knows me, and she calls me over. She asks how Cody is doing and i tell her he is not feeling well and her eyes get huge and she says “let me get you into a room right away, just stay right here”. Yay! Someone who totally gets it!

She gets me a room, tells me she told everyone i was here, and a tech comes in right away. I tell her what is going on:

*Cody has eye boogers (mucus) in both eyes and it occurs all day
*He has diarrhea and the Endosorb is not really helping
*He is losing hair around his eyes and face
*He is lethargic

She gets some blood for his CBC and takes a stool sample and his temperature. This silly dog wagged his tail through all of it haha! She tells me her husband has a dog that looks exactly like Cody, they could be brothers, and she has seen Cody in here a lot and always wants to call him her dog’s name. She also commented that Cody looks ill, a bit haggered.


Dr Butzer comes in. I saw him while i was running again this morning and he commented on that, so i asked him if he had heard about the otter attacks in the neighborhood. He had not heard the full story so i recounted that i saw the attack on Sunday morning a week ago while i was running, and that three people have been attacked unprovoked and bitten so far. Absolute craziness and they suspect that the otter has rabies. As I was running down Cain Blvd I saw what looked like a woman playing with a very small and very aggressive dog. As i got closer I could tell this was not a dog and the thing was going after her, she fell in the STREET on her back and it ran up to her and bit her on the leg! The otter was panting like crazy and retreated a bit and the woman ran up to a passing car that had stopped and hopped in, total stranger. As I ran by the guy in the car told me to stay back that this was a crazy otter and he was calling 911. You could see the otter on the bank of the lake across the street running back and forth in a frenzy…. I had 6 more miles to run so I continued on my way but it freaked me out every time i passed any water or canals. Scary stuff! This is now all over our local news as well…

Anyway, I fill him in on all Cody’s symptoms, he says that Cody’s whites looks great, the best they have been since we started chemo. White cells are 8.02, reds are 6.65 and he is not anemic! Very good news…. BUT… This also means that the symptoms i am seeing are not from the chemo and most likely from a bug he picked up somewhere. Not good. He also mentioned that his white cells could be up because he is fighting something too.

So we decide on no chemo for today and instead give him some antibiotics and some diarrhea meds to kick this out of him, and then chemo on Friday at 9am because we don’t want to wait too long and have the cancer fight back. We talked a bit about remission and what that means… which is a depressing topic as remission is not a CURE, it just means PAUSE basically. Anyway….  he sends me home with a bottle of Liquapect, about six syringes, and some Tylan capsules.

Ok… Capsules. – Easy. LIQUAPECT! Not so easy! Liquapect is like Pepto Bismol for dogs. It is even pink. But because Cody is 65lbs (got weighed today as well and no weight loss! Patting myself on the back for that one!) he has to take THREE syringes full at 10 cc a piece, for a total of 30cc, three times a day. Are they trying to kill me????? Have you ever tried to give a dog liquid that clearly tastes like shit to him, and shoot it in his mouth as he squirms, holding him with one hand, syringe in the other and try to pry his mouth open and have him swallow it…THREE TIMES!? Ugh! To make matters worse, as i am trying to administer this in the kitchen upon returning home, both asshole cats have to come and sit right next to him while we struggle through this, and watch… Just to make him that much more uncomfortable.

Anyway, Round 1 is done, antibiotic taken, and all said and done that visit cost me $108.23. The CBC cost $61.20, the Liquipect was $19.13, the Tylan $27.90. Grand total for Cody from the beginning:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23

Total – $1773.03

Never a dull moment that is for sure. So all y’all can think of me three times a day trying to shove pink liquid shit down my 65lb dog”s pie hole while being observed by two jerk cats who in their own way are either laughing at him, taunting him or commenting they are glad it is not them…. I should take a picture of this fiasco but I only have two hands….


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “Tuesday November 30”

  1. This nicely written article about Michael Vick wanting another dog made me think of you. Hope you and Cody are both well today.


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