Friday December 3…

Well this feels like it has been the week from Hell. With the end of the pink Liquipect disaster last night came a fiasco of making Cody’s food right into the feeding frenzy that is dinner time for the boys.

At 5pm Cody got his last dose of the three syringes filled with the wonderful pink slop. He fought a good fight right up to the bitter end and successfully sprayed the entire kitchen…looking me right in the eye the entire time so I feel extra guilty. But it was done and it is was a huge relief to finish off that nasty bottle. NEVER again.And now that it is over I can finally mop my tile floor clear of the chalky film that is covering it from this whole fiasco.

Then I realized with some horror that I had no food left for him. Shit. As I have written before I make Cody’s food because he is on a special diet of no carbs at all… so earlier in the week I went to Whole Foods and got him two packages of 2lbs of grass fed hormone and antibiotic free ground beef. This is the only thing I use for him… immune system compromised and all. But I also realized that it is thursday and i forgot to freeze one of the packages… so i had to make double the normal quantity of food. Not easy as i really did not have a big enough pot to put 12 cups of water, 4 lbs of meat and then add the 8 cups of veggie mix that makes the actual food. Suffice it to say that three pots later and a total mess all over the kitchen, the food was done and stinking up the house. I also ran out of some of his vitamins… off to the vitamin store for me after chemo…

Then it was right into the feeding frenzy that is dinner time in my house for the animals. They all eat together at 6:30pm but the screaming starts around 5pm, especially early due to Daylight Saving Time now… Jimi the orange cat needs to let me know that it is ALMOST TIME for a good hour and a half prior to it being time. So that is nice. Not annoying at all. And apparently as I am fixing their bowls of food, Jimi also thinks I am not doing it fast enough. So he tells me all about that as well… and this goes on at both meals. Breakfast for them is 7:30am and they start at about 6am for that one.   Jimi has also taught little Albert that this is the correct way to behave prior to any feeding time so Albert joins in as well in his own special way… yelling… pacing… attacking Cody, jumping up and grabbing Cody around the neck with both paws and biting his face. And Cody being the wonderful good natured lover that he is, just lets it happen, sits there and then just kind of backs away. So good and so not deserving of all this. Hence the spray bottle of water kept handy at all times. Albert has on many occasions eaten while soaking wet. I need more hands.

Anyway, today Cody got chemo. We got to the vet at 9:30am and they put us right into a room. A girl I have never seen there before in all my many many visits comes in and, ok, look  I am not trying to be weird here, but did you ever just know immediately upon setting eyes on someone, just reading their energy or whatever, that you are not going to like them? Well this girl reinforced that about four times over during the course of our brief encounter. She walks in tossing her hair, with a total anorexic-beauty-queen attitude, and starts flipping through his chart, eyes darting everywhere but the chart, and says “I have never seen you or Cody here before” and I said “well you are probably the only one, we are here all the time”. No reaction. Then she says “so this is Cody’s second treatment”.

Ok here we go….

Me: “No… this is Cody’s 6th treatment. ”

Girl: “oh… hmm… so he got the one where we knock him out?”

Me: “Pardon? You mean the two hour IV drip? Yes, he got that two treatments ago. Last time treatment he got Vincristine. We were supposed to get his next one this past Tuesday but could not because he had a cold so he is on antibiotics now, and feeling better so that is why we are here today”

Girl (smiling like I caught her doing something naughty): “Oh sorry, i didn’t mean knock him out i meant we sedate them… anyway let me take his temp”

Me: “ok…… but he did not have a temperature on Tuesday when we were here so I doubt he has one now…. but go ahead”

She leaves and comes back with a thermometer. I hold him and then she says his temp is normal. Duh. Then she says she will take him to get his CBC.

Me: “we had his CBC done on Tuesday, he does not need it again as I am sure it is the same. His whites were 8.3 and his reds are fine so he is good to go”.

Girl: “oh…. um…. ok let me go check with the doc I will be back”.

So Cody and I sit there for a good 20 minutes waiting. Then she pokes her head in and apologizes for the wait, then ducks back out. Another 10 minutes goes by and she comes in again and says…

Girl: “Ok let me take his CBC anyway while you wait cause I am not doing anything else, it will give me something to do”.

Ok I am about to explode now…

Me: “No. He does not need his CBC done and I do not want to pay for it”.

She looks at me like i just told her the secret of the universe and caught her hand in the cookie jar and says “oh… ok” and leaves…

She never comes back. Thankfully. I have never seen this one before and I hope never to again. Most of the girls there are totally NORMAL, professional and nice. They actually take an interest, listen to me and interact with Cody. She never once touched my dog except to take his temperature. This one seemed like she was there to hang out and do as little as possible. Not someone i want caring for Cody.

So after another brief wait Butzer comes in with the shot of Cyclophosphamide. We talk about how he is doing. He still has the eye goop and Butzer tells me that could be a side effect of the chemo and the lymphoma. He mentions possibly giving Cody some eye drops. He says I can use Visine or any eye drops, but recommends Prednisone eye drops as they take any inflammation down. I ask him if there is enough Prednisone in them that it would affect his diarrhea because he is ULTRA sensitive to it in pill form and gives him EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. He thinks it will be fine and so I say I will try it. He also says to keep Cody on the antibiotic for a while longer and that it is safe to give him whenever I see that he may be fighting something.

So we tourniquet his front paw and give him the shot which was pretty large, and chat a bit more, then Cody and I are off on our way. This visit cost me $102.27. The  Cyclophosphamide shot was $72.48 and the Neo Poly Dex Ophthalmic Solution was $29.79. Grand total so far for Cody:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27

Total – $1875.30

So we are home now on this nice cool Friday of under 70 degrees, all the windows are open and Cody is laying on his bed looking out the backyard slider at the pool and all the lizards and birds…. Could anything be any sweeter?


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Friday December 3…”

  1. A food you might look into for Cody is the Honest Kitchen. It’s all human made (you can eat it!) and people have had great results with it for dogs with cancer.

    • Thanks Kelly! I looked at their products when I was researching for Cody, but they are so expensive. Their 10lb box include the protein and it is about $80-$100. Cody would go through that in about a week and a half. The great thing about the Birkdale PetMix is that it is completely grain free and I add the protein. The 18lb bag of mix cost about $00 with shipping and then I add the meat to the mix every time i make it, so it lasts me a long time.

      Here is the PetMix site if I haven’t linked it before:

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