Cold, cold, cold….

Ok it is starting to actually warm up a bit here in South Florida but the boy still has no desire to stay outside too much. The last few days it dropped to the 30’s at night here which is record breaking, and the highs in the day maybe reached the 50’s-60’s. So poor Cody is just not used to his lavatory being ridiculously freezing… i should have video’d him RUNNING top speed out the door, barely making it to the grassy area in the backyard before he started whizzing and then NOT finishing and running back. I had to yell at him to go back and finish peeing. Then go back and POOP! Hilarious!

It is as i said starting to warm up a bit but it is also rainy here today so it is damp and cold. Again, all you folks in the Northeast are rolling your eyes at me right now like “that ain’t nothin'”… but this is why I live here in Florida! It is supposed to be WARM! We are bracing for an even worse cold front to hit next week. Thankfully my heat still works for the once every two years I turn it on.

As for the boy, i worry about him with his compromised immune system and this cold damp weather. Been loading him up with vitamins and Ecchinacea, feeding him a bit more than usual to fatten him up a bit and making sure he is all nice and tucked in with his blanky at night.

He loves it. All the animals in the house have been following me around like magnets all week. As soon as I sit down anywhere they all want to gather on my lap, next to me, as close to me as possible to get warm. It really is not that cold in the house I swear. Little Albert, who I like to call “Crazy” has been a Mommy Magnet for days. I sit at the counter to eat dinner, he wants to be on my lap. I sit on the couch, has to be on my lap and does not even wait until I actually completely sit. I get in bed and he is right next to me waiting for me to get settled so he can snuggle into my armpit. Cute as it is in the morning it is not so much. He likes to walk over me and onto my bladder making me have to get up faster than I would like.  By the way, in case you were wondering… this is what crazy looks like:

But to create the whole balance of the house… this is what cute looks like:

And of course life would not be complete without knowing what tortured and grumpy looks like (the cause of all of his tortured grumpiness can be seen behind him):

Sometimes however Jimi can be sweet, especially if I have slipped him the kitty Xanax the doc gave me for him to stop him from shitting in the house. I addressed this in an earlier post… it is apparently a sign of utter discontent. Trust me his screaming is enough to let everyone in the house know how truly miserable life is for him in all his sleeping, eating, sleeping glory. He is a beautiful cat however… as you can see here. Just sometimes it is hard to enjoy him because of all of his insanity..

So we are bracing for the next cold front but first we get a weekend of 70 degree weather to enjoy on our days off. I have a long run this weekend and I am excited since the cold weather puts a hurt on my lungs. Let’s just hope the heat turns on again when I need it… these shabby Florida windows i have all over my house don’t do much for insulation!

Hmmm… I think I have a pair of antlers lying around here somewhere….. muahahahaha!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 9, 2010.

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