Dear Santa…

(Disclosure: No Animals Were Hurt, Harmed or Inconvenienced Too Terribly In The Making Of This Post)

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Solstice, Lunar Eclipse, Frank Zappa’s Birthday and New Year! Although it has been an extremely rough year for all of us here in this household, we truly feel we banded together and did the best we could with the team that we have. We have all been good, as good as can be expected, which is really all that we can ask for, and we have all stayed close and loving through out all of the turmoil. We would all like to ask for just one thing this Christmas, the most important thing we can think of and the only thing any of us could possibly want.

We would like for Cody to be cancer free. Cured. Not remission (although we will take that if the first can not be given), but we would prefer the real McCoy and CURED.

Thanks for listening and have a good ride! We have really yummy cookies waiting for you but no chimney here in Florida, so the back door will be open!


Albert, Jimi, Cody, Michelle and Tim


If only it were that easy. My Mom and my stepdad arrived last week from NJ for the holiday. They have not seen Cody since before his diagnosis and Chip, my stepdad LOVES Cody. He just loves animals in general but he adores Cody. Since they had not seen him since he was “healthy” i was curious how they would react to how he looks. I see Cody every day so I am not sure of the severity of the changes i have noticed. But when they walked in the house and Cody was running around, tossing his Chelvis in the air for them to throw it and prancing and whining in happiness… they were blown away. Whew! I am glad he looks so good and more than glad that it is not blatant that he is sick. After I pointed out his grey and no whiskers, his missing hair around his eyes they noticed but said they would not have had I not pointed it out.

Sunday I had them over for football and food, and dolled up the boy for some holiday spirit. I swear he loves these damn bells that I have for his neck… it is this stretchy band with sleigh bells on it and it is hilarious. He loves it. If i put it away he goes over to where it is and tries to get it out again. So I want no grief from all you advocates about how putting bells or antlers on the animals is torturous! They all deserve a little fun every now and then, especially the cats!




















The one of Albert cracks me up. Jimi of course would have none of it so I do not have a pic to share of him in the antlers… YET. Jimi is however on my shitlist right now because after my run this morning I came back and took Cody for a run with the ball, and then as I was heading into the shower noticed that there was a huge wetspot on my bed. Jimi is the only one who does this and I just do not get it… so I am doing a ton of laundry again today… I just washed all this stuff on Sunday. So… Jimi deserves a bit of friendly payback…

Some of you have suggested I take donations for Cody. I am thinking about it and will let you know. I am unemployed so it would help but I am not sure if I want to get into all that.

The other thing I am thinking about is whether to keep this blog here at WordPress or not. I took a bunch of video of Cody catching tennis balls and running with the ball the other day, all excited to upload them. Well, if I want to add video here I have to pay for an UPGRADE, a yearly fee to add video. I looked at other blogging host sites and most others allow video for free. So… I am thinking about checking into it. A lot of work to move this however… not really on my To Do list so I have to think on that one…

Well I hope all of you who read this have wonderful Holidays (even if some are over for you already), are healthy and safe and have a very Happy New Year. I will be posting again on Tuesday the 28th, Cody has his big dose of Chemo that day, the wonderful dreaded two hour IV drip. This time however, NO TRANQUILIZERS!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!!!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 21, 2010.

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