Christmas with Cody…

I woke up on Christmas morning and called Cody onto the bed and cuddled with him for an hour or so while the cats screamed for food… and realized that he was not even “supposed” to be here right now. So thankful. I could not be more happy that he is still here and feeling good. The best gift I could have asked for this Christmas. By far.

Before I get too far into this post I wanted to give a shout out to Christine who sent Cody his first Donation. It was a wonderful surprise on Christmas Eve and we all appreciate the support and love so very much! So thank you again Chris!

A little bit of a cloud surrounded the weekend as Cody really has not been feeling well for the last few days. So strange how two weeks AFTER a chemo treatment he seems to get more haggard. This happened the last chemo treatment as well and we had to put it off for a few days and put him on antibiotics. I am not sure if it is related to chemo, or if he just picks up bugs (colds) or maybe it was a bit of separation anxiety since we were out a lot this week and he was home alone with a lot of activity outside. Our neighbors like to party for any reason so I am sure they were loud. The first major instance was on Thursday morning after my run, i came back and took him across the street for his run. It was cool outside so he ran for a while. When we came back he drank a lot of water, which is normal, but I guess he drank too much. I got in the shower and as usual he came in with me and laid on the bathroom floor waiting for me. When I got out there was puke all over the bedroom carpet! UGH! and it STINKS!!!!!

I don’t know if I have described his homemade food in detail before, or maybe I have… but the smell is something indescribable and putrid. It is not quite boiled ground meat, with a veggie mix that contains carrots, broccoli and some other greens. The label says it contains this: Whole Egg, Human Quality Vegetable Mix (Broccoli Crowns, Carrots, Parsley Leaf), Apple, Vegetable Pomace, Flax Meal, Blueberries, Kelp, Ginger Root, Garlic, Calcium Citrate.

Maybe it’s the egg? The garlic? The meat? UGH!!!! So imagine my horror after taking a wonderful hot shower after a run and then having to dry off enough to get down on all fours and scrub puke out of my carpet… yay me.

So that was Thursday and then on Friday when we went to dinner and then to see a band for Christmas Eve, we came home about 1am and he had puked all over the tile (YAY it was not the carpet!) in the foyer. HOURS after he ate too. Not sure what is going on, it really does not make much sense to me and this is why I wonder if it is separation anxiety. Then on Saturday after a night out for Christmas Day with the family, we got home around 8pm and he had puked his breakfast in the foyer (tile again!) because he had not eaten dinner yet. This really worries me. Food and eating and keeping it down is a huge part of keeping him healthy. So I fed him a small dinner and gave him some antibiotic as well, the Tylan that Butzer gave me. He said I could give it to him with no worries whenever I thought he was not feeling well, so I started him on it on Saturday night and he has not puked since. Sunday morning I ran ten miles, Tim and I were gone for close to two hours (Tim rides his bike with me and carries water for me) and when we got home he did not puke! And he has not since I started the Tylan. Good news.

All this being said and aside from my worry about him, we all had a very good Christmas! Cody got a new stuffed squeaky bird and of course LOVED it. In fact he wore himself out so much that he basically blissed out…:

How ridiculous is that… a huge dog passed out on his back with his legs in the air… hahaha I love it! He really does  love squeaky toys and it is hilarious to see him in action with them, tossing them into the air and then pouncing on them like they are about to get up and run away. Then he prances all around the living room with it in his mouth like he just caught it for us. At some point if I bite the bullet I will upgrade to add video here so you all can see it. He does it for hours until I have to make him stop and lay down.


It got really cold here yesterday, so during my ten mile run I battled 30 mph winds (which was quite mentally challenging I must say) and the temperature dropping drastically as the time passed. So by about 8pm last night it was around 50 degrees and this morning we woke up to 37 degrees. Of course when it gets chilly out, all the boys must sit with Mommy….

And this morning it was so cold that after Cody ate he went onto his bed and curled up. I think he had a bit of a restless night last night so he is tired this morning. So I went and got his blanky and now he is passed out in the living room…

He needs to get his rest because tomorrow morning is the big dose of chemo… the dreaded two hour IV drip- but no tranquilizer. That was so awful last time, that will never happen again. You know, I am well aware that the cancer is not what is harming him right now, that it is the chemo. My Step Sister is going through chemo right now too and I know that is what makes people sick, not the cancer or the surgery to remove the cancer. It really is sad to see Cody go through this because I know it is caused by me. But I also know he would not be here right now if I had not done this. It is bittersweet… but no matter what I am glad he is still here and know he is too…




~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 27, 2010.

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