No Chemo Today…

COLD this morning! 37 degrees again and off we go to chemo for the boy, all bundled up.

Weget there about 10am and have to wait a few minutes for a room. Kind of active in the hospital this morning. There was an older dog who was very cute there who was limping, favoring only one hind leg.  I asked her owner what happened and he said they have five dogs in the house and she came in from outside limping last night. She has been kind of nasty to everyone since. As I was leaving the vet I saw him again and he said they think she tore her ACL! He had to leave her for X Rays… poor baby!

So we get into a room and they take Cody to get weighed and CBCs. He is the same weight as last week which is great since he was puking all weekend, and that also means that he has maintained his weight since we started chemo! I pat myself on the back for that one!

When Butzer comes in with his CBC report he says it is REALLY low. Too low for chemo today. They ran the blood twice just to make sure and the first came out with white cells at 2.6, and the second at 3. Too low. His reds are ok at 6.5 and platelets are normal range as well. But he just doesn’t have enough immune system to handle the two hour IV. It seems crazy to both Butzer and I that he is so sensitive to the Vincristine that he got two weeks ago that knocks him down so much. It really is supposedly the weakest of the entire drug protocol. But not for Cody. That one seems to hit him the hardest and longest. I wonder if he is allergic to it or something.

So we are waiting another week and will try again next Tuesday. Butzer did spend about 30minutes with him anyway and felt him allover, his glands are pretty non-existent and he looks good. His stomach and intestines, heart and lungs are fine… teeth are good, eyes are bright and he wagged his tail the entire rub down. Butzer even mentioned remission and CURE…”wouldn’t it be amazing if he was actually cured. He seems to be in remission already. We could run a blood test to test for remission but that really doesn’t tell you much, it’s not like we should stop the protocol. But maybe he has a chance…….”

Maybe there really is a Santa….

So this visit cost me $60 for the CBC which brings the grand total to:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27
12/14 – $173.00
12/28 – $60

Total – $2108.30


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “No Chemo Today…”

  1. HI there, I am going through Cancer myself, but, wanted to mention something that may help. It is called protocel. There is a lot of information about it. If Chemo doesn’t work, it might be an alternative for you. If your dog will eat veggies, that might help. good luck, I hope only the best for you. karens711

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