Saturday of Puking…

Today has been quite the day. It started at about 6am being woken up by what sounded like loud licking. I know that sound. Salivating. That is the sign someone is going to puke. I jump out of bed and walk Cody to the living room slider to let him out to the backyard and he didn’t make it. He puked all over the kitchen floor. Thankfully it was the tile. And it was a lot. Gross. I get him outside and he pukes about three more times…. then I leave him out there while  the clean up begins in the kitchen, in my underwear. Yay me.

This is a busy Saturday for me. I am running ten miles this morning and then off to Sebastian to meet my Dad and Step Mom for lunch since I did not get to see them over the holidays. They live in the Orlando area and Sebastian is about half way between us both, so we meet at this great place called Squid Lips. It is a bar with good food right on the water and you can see dolphin, tons of birds and lots of kayakers out there all the time. I would love to move up there if I could find work. I would move anywhere I could find work to be honest ha!. Only problem with this on this pukeful Saturday is it takes almost two hours to get there so that is far to have a sick dog left in the house alone.

I make some coffee and it seems Cody is ok. I wait about two hours and then feed all of the boys, but Cody only got a small bowl. He ate it and seemed fine… so I got myself together and went for the ten mile run. Being gone about 90 minutes or so when I got home he had not puked! Good sign!!!!

So after a good cool down we decided to go to Sebastian, and after a nice long hot shower we hit the road. I left around 11:30am and got back to the house about 6pm… to a LOT of puke. Awful. He threw up all over the foyer in multiple places, including under the dining room table and under the legs of it,  and it was a bit of food, but mostly bile. Totally gross, stinky and slimy. The whole house stunk. I opened all the windows and cleaned up the puke, and now it is 7:30pm and he has been puking every fifteen minutes or so.

I called Clint Moore and asked what I could give him to settle his stomach. I actually got Butzer on the phone and he said to buy Pepcid AC and give him 20mg every 12 hours. If I could not find Pepcid he said Tagamet will work but i need 100 mg every 3 hours for his weight, which is 66lbs. Tagamet is not as strong I guess. He also said to not feed him tonight again and make sure he gets water in him, about 1 cup every hour but no more than that as he will just throw it up. Which he has.

So i gave him a Pepcid in a pill pocket and Tim took him for a walk while i fed the cats so he would not see them eat and not get anything. Unfortunately he puked the pill pocket right up. About a half hour later I crushed up a Pepcid and dissolved it in about a 1/2 cup of water, which he drank right down, and puked up immediately.

I am at a loss. He can not even keep water down and I am not sure what to do now. He is outside with Tim right now and there is vomit all over the back patio, it wreaks.  I am boiling plain chicken breasts and hoping that he can eat something tomorrow at least because he already looks like he’s lost ten pounds today. His face is drawn and he looks sad and despondent. I am absolutely exhausted.


Well after many hours of puking and clean up and puking and clean up Cody seemed to exhaust himself and passed out. He was so tired and I am sure he was and is sore from all of that heaving. I woke up about 6am and took him out right away to see if he had to puke, but he just sniffed around at all the vomit smell around the back yard so I brought him in, made him get on the bed with me and passed out again with him. Thankfully we all got to sleep another hour or so, even the cats were quiet. I think they were exhausted too.

I made some coffee and gave Cody some water. Testing the waters as it were. Pun intended. He did not gag, no puking. GREAT SIGN!!! A bit more water and he seems ok. I took a Pepcid and stuffed it in a piece of the chicken I made for him last night and he ate it right down. He is absolutely starving I can see it in his eyes. I gave him a few more small pieces of this bland chicken and he immediately looked better. Then i made him lay down for a while to make sure it all stayed down. We did this cycle all morning and he seems good to go now. THANKFULLY!

Butzer told me last night to make sure he ate bland for the next 24 hours which is why I made the chicken. He also told me to give him plain white rice but I am not giving him any carbs. No way am I going to combat nausea with something that will feed his cancer. Bland boiled chicken it is!

I cleaned up the backyard area again, washed it all down with the hose and had Cody sit outside in the warm sun with me for a bit. He seems to be doing ok although the eye boogers are back and he looks exhausted. I am sure i do as well. I am excited for a lazy Sunday of football playoffs and naps. I have absolutely no plans to do anything but hang around the house and take care of Cody today. I took him for a good long walk in the field across the street a few minutes ago and he seems ok. Looks a bit thin, I can see his ribs pretty prominently now but I will fatten him up again this week.

You know, when you run long distances there is this adrenaline high you get where at some point it no longer feels like you are running let alone moving your body. I tend to get really heady. I was running through South County park yesterday morning and ran by the new dog park they built. It actually has jungle gyms and courses for dogs, and of course there were lots playing together.  I got pretty upset as I thought about the morning I had just had, and how Cody can not play with other dogs anymore,  he really is isolated now. It makes me battle whether I am doing the right thing by him with the chemo, because it is not the cancer that is making him sick now, it is the chemo, caused by me. It is a heavy burden at times and a true mental challenge to justify. Am I doing this for him or am I doing this for me? I really have to try to keep it in perspective that since we started chemo almost three and a half months ago he has really only been sick twice… so it is doing some good.

It’s tough. It really is no joke and that I why I am keeping this blog. If you ever have to go through this with your pet you need to know the duality of it as well as all the costs both monetarily and mentally.

Anyway I am relived he is better this morning. One day at a time. I took this pic on our walk this morning… he still is a handsome boy!

Here’s to a nice lazy Sunday and some good football! And some Pepcid and bland chicken!



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on January 9, 2011.

One Response to “Saturday of Puking…”

  1. Bland chicken and Pepcid – yuck! But there are worse things in life. Hope the rest of your Sunday was uneventful and lazy – sounds like you’ve all earned it. The mental balancing act sounds like the hardest part, but it sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders (and a good heart in your chest). I hope your taking the time to blog this feels worth it. It is appreciated; please know you’re not alone in this.

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