Still Not Feeling Well…

Wow this last dose of chemo is really taking it’s toll on the boy. After the entire Saturday night puke fest, Sunday was rather mellow with no incidents all day. He slept most of the day, ate some bland chicken in the morning and kept that down along with the Pepcid. I fed him bits of chicken throughout the day and he seemed to be fine. He even played for a bit throwing his toys at me to toss them back at him and chase them around the living room. At about 6:30pm I fed the cats and gave Cody a little pile of bland chicken to eat. He did well and then laid down and slept through the evening football game. I dozed on the couch after that for a while.

I took some really cute pics of him yesterday… I do Photography as a hobby and have a Canon EOS 20D that I love but rarely break out at home. I mostly use my phone for candid shots… but as I was eating lunch yesterday he was intent on watching me and I could not resist.

I woke up about 10pm and decided to call it an early night. I took him out to pee and then started shutting the windows and calling him into the bedroom. As soon as he got in the bedroom he started salivating loudly and I rushed him through the bedroom slider just in time for him to puke all of the chicken from dinner onto the patio out back. He vomited three times… definitely all of the chicken in his stomach and some bile for good measure. I am sure the evening pepcid was in there too. Wow did it smell unearthly! Ugh! Poor guy. I watch him for a bit and he seems ok. Take him back inside and get him some water which he drank right down. Watched him a bit more and then tucked him into his bed in my bedroom and let him get settled as the porch got cleaned up. I leave the bedroom slider open at night for air and there was no way I could if that puke was out there.

He slept through the night with no incidents but I am concerned because he has no nutrition in him at all. I tried to feed him his regular food this morning with his vitamins in it and he would not go near it. I got him to eat a few pieces of bland chicken. I am sure he would eat a lot more but from the looks of what he puked last night it seems rather hard for him to digest. He is looking really thin.

I am going to go to Whole Foods (which I like to refer to as Whole Paycheck) and get him some more chicken breasts since he will eat that… maybe some ground chicken which may be easier for him to digest. I am a little worried about him but not panicking yet.

For the first time in a long time i am glad I am unemployed so I can watch him today. Poor guy…

More later….


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on January 10, 2011.

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