And The Beat Goes On….

Bet ya never thought I would start a blog post with a Sonny and Cher quote did ya? Me neither! ha! La dee da dee dee… la dee da dee daa…

Well today Cody had what I thought was a 9am Vet appointment for chemo. So I jumped out of bed in the dark, swilled a half cup of coffee, put on my running wear and headed out the door in this 64 degree morning for a short three mile run. Got home, hydrated, cooled down, walked Cody so he could do his business (I know this is a bit sick and twisted but I always feel he needs to poop before the Vet so his weight is accurate!), another small cup of coffee and a quick shower… and out the door with the boy to Clint Moore. We get there and he is freaking out because it is FULL of dogs! I can not let him interact as I have no idea what his immunity is like right now so I try my best to keep him away from inquisitive butt sniffs.

They usher us into a room and immediately a girl comes in to take him to get his CBC. I ask for them to trim his nails and he comes back hopping and skipping in about three minutes, nails clipped and smelling of alcohol where they drew his blood. I ask her how much he weighs and she says “Oops I forgot!” so she grabs his leash and says “C’mere Cody let’s go, hop up here”… the scale is right outside the door of our room so I can see all of this. He hops right up, sits himself down and she says “65lbs!” She brings him back in and says “He is so good, I wish they were all as good as him”.

That’s my boy!

And then we wait….

And wait…………

And wait……………………….

And wait……………………………………….

And wait………………………………………………..

Literally an hour. Wow. Now I am getting frustrated and Cody is getting sleepy… which is why he is so great. He could care less where we are… he just likes to be right next to me. I crouch down on the floor and he puts his big ol’ head on my knee… licks my face… rolls over. Totally content.

Finally Butzer comes in and proceeds to seriously make out with my dog. I know I have explained this before but I almost whipped out my phone to video the scene for you all. I wonder what Butzer would do if I did that? He is kneeling on the floor and Cody is licking his face, mustache, mouth, inside of his mouth (Butzer opens his mouth for him), chin… and it goes on and on like this for… well.. a LONG TIME! So I try to interrupt their moment by telling Butzer to check out his ears, especially his right one as it is stinky, scabby and sore. Cody has been rubbing that side of his head constantly on the ground and it doesn’t seem to help as many times as I have cleaned it.

So we talk a bit about the ear and that Cody JUST now finished the antibiotic he was on from three weeks ago for the Staph infection, which has cleared up nicely. His CBC came back too low for treatment today with his white cells at 4.21, his reds are normal at 6.49 and his platelets are 352 which is good. But being that his whites are in the low range, and today he was supposed to get Vincristine which knocks him REALLY low, I did not want to chance it and Butzer agreed. I don’t want the possibility of him picking up some other infection like the Staph or more ear stuff because he is so compromised, and I also do not want him constantly on antibiotics. Enough with all the pills already.

So we agreed to let him go another week, and now we will switch to chemo every three weeks since we know that these last doses that he will get for the next four treatments are mostly the rough ones on him. It goes Vincristine next week, three weeks then Cyclophosphamide, three (maybe two) weeks then Vincristine, three weeks then Doxyrubicin (two hour IV)…. and that is it. Then he is done!And then it is wait and see. My biggest goal after treatment is to take him over to the new dog park that I run by all the time that really gets me quite heady, since it has been open for almost a year and he is not allowed to go yet. He loves to play, and he deserves it!

Butzer looks at his ears, sticks his fingers in there and pulls out gunk, smells it (I am surprised he did not taste it after the display of kissing that I witnessed… ok sorry that was gross) and says it is yeasty, scabby and sore. He talks about options of pills but I ask for anything topical. He says he prefers that as well and will give me drops for his ears.

So we are done and I walk out to the register… and wait for the bill. I need to make another appointment so I ask for anything in the morning next Tuesday. All she has is 11am but she says I can come in earlier, like today. I must have looked confused so she tells me my appointment for today was for 10am. I was there by 9am. No wonder I waited so long! IDIOT!

It’s been a crazy week.

So I cash out and as i am paying this girl walks in with a baby Pomeranian. This thing is shaking, eyes watering, drooling and a mess. I am stunned and keep Cody far away. Then I hear her say that they just bought the puppy from Palm Beach Puppies down the road. Remember, I have written about them before… all sickly puppies and always the first week is spent at Clint more getting them healthy. Well this poor thing had a SEIZURE. A SEIZURE!!!! The puppy store gave them some kind of tube of… smelling salts or something with the puppy, told them it was Hypoglycemic and sold it anyway for no doubt thousands of dollars! This makes my blood boil!!!! So I guess as soon as it had the seizure they rubbed that stuff on his face and brought him into the hospital. Awful. How they can continue to stay in business is beyond me.

Ok back to Cody. Todays visit cost $117.60. $60 for the CBC and $39.50 for the Cipro/Keto/Dex Otic Ear drops (antibiotic, anti-yeast, prednisone) which I apply 3-4 drops per ear per day. I also owed $18.10 from last visit.

So the grande total now is:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27
12/14 – $173.00
12/28 – $60
01/04 – $322.10
01/18 – $135.00
2/1 – $103.00
2/15 – $175.00
3/1 – $110.00
3/8 – $399.10
3/21 – $117.60

Total – $3470.10

Looks like i am very much exceeding the $3k mark… oh well… couldn’t think of a better reason to spend this cash than on my boy! Other than these small flare ups of minor issues he is strong as an ox, and healthy as a horse. We found ways to counter act the sickness from the mega dose and it seems to be working wonders!

Here’s to a long and healthy Remission (or if we are going to toast, let’s make it to a CURE!)



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “And The Beat Goes On….”

  1. Michelle, I have been somewhat following your chronicles of Cody. I grew up with many different breeds of dogs and love them though my favorite breed is German Shepherd. My two nieces; Tegan & Nyssa Willis had a chocolate lab named Junior and though their father thought the dog was dumb, that dog was smart. He has long since passed mysteriously (I might get into that later)but I miss him and King ( German Shepherd from my very young days)and think of them both often.

    With all the struggle and stress you have to face, Cody seems to just say; “just let it go.” Maybe he’s a bit more stronger and tolerant of the nonsense than you are at the moment and that’s understandable.

    Thank God you didn’t ruin my appetite as I just finished cooking. LOL.

  2. michele, I have been thinkng of you and Cody. The love you have for one another is so precious. You always seem to keep your sense of humor which I’m sure is one reason you can keep that boy happy and so well cared for.
    I have three of my own, and they go to the vet more than I go to the doctor! Know that people respect you for all you do for Cody and enjoy your posts. Loving thoughts go out to him for the ordeal ahead. chris

    • Thanks Chris. I am happy we found the magic combo of anti-nausea meds so that takes the worry of impending sickness off the table. As long as he is just tired, can keep food and nutrition down and get all the love I have to offer I think we are good to go!

      Laughter certainly is the best medicine, and there seems to be an endless abundance of silliness to laugh at on a regular basis in my life for sure!


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