Monday Monday….

I guess I am on a sixties music kick lately… I have the Mama’s and Papa’s song in my head this morning…

It FINALLY looks like it just may rain here in South Florida. I don’t know if the rest of the country has any idea how bad our drought is this year but we are in desert-like conditions right now. The water levels in the canals are so low you can barely call them canals anymore, they are more like ditches… and the fire possibilities are really high. I went kayaking two weekends ago and the park Ranger said they will probably close the kayak trails that week because they are mostly impassible now. Scary! Cody loves it when we load up the car to go kayaking… if I thought he would sit calmly in the boat I would take him along… but he loves to swim too much to trust him with gators in the water.

I did see a ridiculous amount of alligators, more in one concentration than i have ever seen before! Also a bit freaky but cool just the same… Below is a rather boring video I took that day, well boring at first and then it gets pretty exciting. Wait for it!

So, the whole reason I am writing today is to tell you all about Cody’s weekend. He had a great weekend even though the prednisone from his ear drops make him feel kind of cruddy. I used the drops for about four days straight and started to notice that the ears look better, but he is getting the eye boogers again. Man he just really does not do well on any form of Prednisone. And being that I am putting the drops in his ears, and that the eyes, ears, nose and throat are all connected… well it just makes sense that he is getting other reactions. So I stopped the drops. Screw it. I fix one thing on him and screw up another… so being that I would rather he feel good instead of making him feel cruddy just to get rid of a minor ear problem… I will do my tried and true ear regimen of simply  wiping them out with water and whenever he is near me or sleeping I fold his ears back to get some air in there. He has floppy ears you see, and many dogs who have floppy ears get a build up of wax and moisture and it creates minor infections… and some stink.

So besides the prednisone reaction, he was excited that it was nice out to take him running with the ball on Sunday morning. I took him over there and he was having a blast even though it was hot…

So we are playing… and I turn around and see Dr Butzer riding his bike in his work clothes coming down our street. I see him a lot as I have mentioned before, but he has never seen us playing! I have told him about it  quite a bit and i was happy that he could see it in action. So I waved and he recognized us, but kept riding… so I continued to play with Cody when I see him making a U-turn. So he came back and rode up to us, amazed and happy to see Cody playing and running. Now… I am not trying to be mean here, so please forgive me Dr Butzer if you read this… I mean this in the most affectionate of ways really. I have talked about how Dr Butzer is rather special in previous posts. He ADORES Cody and gives him the best care I could ask for… he is quirky and odd at times but that is simply because like any Engineer or intelligent person I have ever worked with, he is just too smart for his own ego. So he exudes quirkiness… which is why as he stands there talking to me all sweaty in his work clothes, both pant legs tucked into his socks because he is riding his bike… helmet hair…. his zipper is ALL THE WAY DOWN.


I did not tell him. Should I have? I mean… I saw it… turned my eyes away and then looked again just to make sure I am seeing this correctly. It was not just a tiny bit down… it was ALL the way down… and gaping. He mentioned that he had just come from CVS to get some diabetes meds for another dog he had on his mind that he is treating, so I immediately thought “Oh no I wonder if he walked around the drug store like that! Should I tell him…?” but then I figured he was going back to work so no doubt Ryan or someone who knows him better than I do would tell him! HAHA! It was a total Seinfeld moment….  I will see him tomorrow when I take Cody back for his Vincristine shot.

So the rest of the weekend was nice and mellow… and Cody got a new rawhide bone which always throws him into a bit of a panic and confusion… “Oh my… what to chew! So many choices!!!” It truly can be exhausting…

More tomorrow….


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 28, 2011.

One Response to “Monday Monday….”

  1. I’m glad your trials and tribulations are punctuated by moments of humour. You have a great attitude! Best to you both for a great week and lots of chewies.

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