One Down, Three More To Go…

Well it is a good thing I bought Cody a new stainless steel container for his food, since the dishwasher decided to completely melt and eat the plastic one i have been using. Sometimes I think I have a sixth sense, but it only works for stupid stuff like this. I was at Walmart, shopping for random cheapness like napkins, straws for my coffee travel mugs (if you have not tried this it is amazing! Plug a straw in there and you do not have to tip the travel mug of hot liquid while driving… works like a charm) and things that the supermarket charges way too much for… when I saw this container. I have been wanting a bigger one for his food since sometimes I make more than will fit in the plastic one I have and I have to use another tupperware something or other for the remainder. Way to think ahead because that very afternoon when I emptied the dishwasher the plastic one was a ball of melted weirdness. Pat myself on the back for that one.

This morning we went to see Dr Butzer at 11am. It was pretty empty in there and that was a nice surprise as it is usually crazy the later I go in the morning. They put us in a room right away and the girl came in to take Cody for his CBC. I told her I was not sure Dr Butzer wanted us to have one since Cody was just there last Tuesday and had it done. She went to check with him and he wanted to do it, but at no charge! YAY! Thank you Dr Butzer, save me $60! So as I am waiting for the boy to get back from getting his blood drawn I took a picture of the artwork in the exam room that hangs on the wall. I have looked at this drawing so many times I thought I would share it with you. It is Dr Butzer with a bird and a mouse on each shoulder. If you don’t get it yet, this man LOVES animals. As quirky and odd he seems at times it is all balanced by how much he cares for all of his patients. Apparently someone wanted to make sure he knew how much they appreciate him with this cute drawing:

The funny thing is that there is a Dry Cleaner down the street from me as well that has this image below painted on the window and I joke every time I see it that Butzer is moonlighting! It looks exactly like him!!!!

Ok back to the Vet. Cody comes back in and he is at great levels today… and we can do the chemo. His white cells are at 6.16, reds are at 7.50 and his platelets are 417 which is great. Every time he has a good count Butzer says he is amazing and hopes that this is a good sign of things to come. He also went on and on about how great it was to see Cody running on Sunday and smiling ear to ear with the ball. I knew he would love to see Cody in his element. That is probably the hardest thing about being a Vet or a Doctor I would think… you always see people and animals when they are sick! It must be nice for him to see Cody healthy and running and happily playing. THAT is my dog. Cody is ridiculously happy ALL the time. He is never just laying around all mopey and sad, he is constantly engaged and wagging his tail, following me around and curious.

So Dr Butzer goes to get the Vincristine shot for Cody and suddenly Cody is devastated. Where did he go? This happens every visit… so here is Cody waiting patiently for the Doc to come back:

And as soon as Butzer walks back in Cody gets all excited again. This is the scene every time:

So cute. So as we are administering the shot, we talk about the last few shots. He has three more after this and then he is done. I asked what happens after that. Do we come in for regular check ups or do I just simply watch his lymph nodes like the Mama Hawk I have become and at the first sign of them swelling again… what happens? He said that is basically the course. He told me that before the Wisconsin Protocol which is what Cody is on, they used to just keep dogs on chemo constantly. Usually the dog lasted just as long as when they stopped the chemo and let them recover.. meaning he could have anywhere between six months to a year or more cancer free. If it comes back then we can choose what to do from there… treat him again or let it run it’s course. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. I mentioned that not only does Cody love to run with the ball, but that Butzer should see him swim. He has not been in the pool since his diagnosis since I do not want him swallowing any amounts of chlorine even though I am the worst pool maintenance person on the planet and you would probably be hard pressed to detect chlorine in my pool (hence the green hue I kind of get used to at times). So that is a goal after chemo… to get his immune system back up and him as healthy as he can be, and allow him the other favorite thing in his doggie world… swimming with the tennis ball.

So there ya have it… goals and hopes and dreams… and the last lap to finishing chemo! We will be back to see the Doc in three weeks on April 19th since Vincristine knocks his white cells so low. Today’s visit cost $73.00 which brings the grand total to:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27
12/14 – $173.00
12/28 – $60
01/04 – $322.10
01/18 – $135.00
2/1 – $103.00
2/15 – $175.00
3/1 – $110.00
3/8 – $399.10
3/21 – $117.60
3/29 – $73.00

Total – $3543.10

Right now it is thundering a bit and Cody is hiding in my bedroom. Not that it is any quieter in there, but that is his “safe room”… the big wimp!

Until next time… cheers!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 29, 2011.

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