Maybe I Should Bring A Sleeping Bag…

Well it was an early morning visit to Dr Butzer this morning. There was no emergency but again, Cody would not eat a thing for breakfast, is barely peeing and looks exhausted. My thought was to take him in for fluids and a vitamin shot for sure. So I called this morning thinking I would take him in this afternoon but they told me to come right in. So off we went…

Yesterday I tried all day to get him to eat ANYTHING… we tried Milkbones, dry food, carrots (his favorite), broccoli (another favorite), and peanut butter. He had a tiny bit of peanut butter… so I tried that numerous times yesterday. About 4pm… he drank a tiny bit of water and looked at me with that look… so I rushed him outside where he puked up a foamy bright yellow bile that smelled disgusting… and of course the bit of peanut butter that he had left in his stomach. The rest of the night he refused everything… no food… no water. This is now Day 4 of no eating. Not good.

So when I took him in this morning they ran a CBC, took his temperature which was again just slightly higher than normal at 102.7, and weighed him. Wow. He is 59lbs. He lost 7lbs in a week from not eating. Yikes. His CBC came back with his whites low but not astronomically low like I thought they would be. Whites are at 3.60, reds are 7.35 which is good, and his platelets are good too. This is just simply a severe reaction to Vincristine and this is the last time he will ever get this drug.

I ran through all of the symptoms with Dr Butzer: No eating or drinking, vomiting, weakness, lost weight, a bit of labored breathing (could be because he is so weak). We decide on a course of treatment until he starts to eat again.

1.Fluids: 600 cc twice a day to flush his system of the drug, and it will also help his organ function, especially the pancreas.

2.Pepcid 15 mg twice a day in a shot since he can not take anything orally right now.This will help calm the stomach and pancreas

3. Regulan 3mg injection twice a day to stop nausea and calm the intestinal tract

4.Ondansetron 2mg injection twice a day to help nausea. This fights nausea in the brain and is given to chemo patients (human) as well.

5.Vitamin injection once a day to help his strength

6. Antibiotics – pencillan 3 cc injection every other day and Baytril 3 cc injection twice a day to stop any possible infection because of his white cells being so low.

7. try to hand feed him some chicken baby food with the syringes they gave me to sort of force feed him and get him some nourishment.

So he got the first round of fluids and shots and Butzer took some more blood to do a panel on his organ function checking his liver, kidney and pancreas. I need to take him back in this afternoon or early evening for more fluids and shots. I think the fluids are helping and anything to flush out his system is a good thing. And I have to say regardless of how bad he feels, he is a happy boy… wagging his tail the entire vet visit, giving everyone kisses and sitting calmly while everyone administered everything.

I did not pay for this visit since I have to go back in tonight… so I will see what the damage is later. With Labs, CBC and fluids and shots I can only imagine the bill I have accumulating….


But whatever it takes to make him feel better. It’s only money.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on April 7, 2011.

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