Holy Vet Bill Batman!

Ok it is definitely not as bad as it COULD be… but silly me for expecting it to be less than it is…

Let me back track a bit to catch you all up to speed. Sunday we stopped all the meds except for fluids. And he has only been going to the vet in the morning for one treatment of fluids, no return visit in the evening. He has been up and down. He really tried to rally and play, although as soon as he starts moving around he gets out of breath, starts panting and breathing heavy, and generally looks exhausted. He did great on Sunday and seemed bright eyed. Monday he woke up and was very lethargic and out of it, slow moving and depressed almost. I took him in to see Butzer and they gave him fluids, and he just laid there on my lap again. Not interested in anyone coming in or out of the room. We sat there for a while and I tried to give him some of the dog treats they have in there, and he ate some!!! Great sign! Although he is still basically asleep at the wheel, as long as he has some interest in eating anything it is a good sign. As we sit there I notice a spec of what I think is dirt n him and pick it off his back. IT IS A TICK! Holy shit it could kill him! I crush the little bastard between my fingernails and then panic and check as much of his body as I can for more. He had to have gotten it in the room… he has not been anywhere else. Ugh! Now I am paranoid about this… just add it to the list. My stress level is ridiculous as you can imagine…

When Butzer came in he checked his vitals and again recommended the ultrasound to check his heart and pancreas. It seems that his heart is weak which would explain the shortness of breath, although he is not coughing which is a huge sign of heart issues.

So I agree. Somewhat reluctantly because of cost. I am in between jobs as I have mentioned before, with very little freelance work coming down the pipe and a terrible economy especially here in South Florida, I know this bill is wracking up after a week of two vet visits a day. So Butzer leaves the room and the tech is administering the fluids and another tech named Keith comes in with some liquid vitamins to shoot into his mouth to give him strength, and a copy of my bill so far. Yikes! $913.24!!! Oh and trust me that is not bad considering all the discounts I have gotten, and it includes the two ultrasounds he will get this morning at 9:30am. The price before discounts is $3441.02… almost as much as I have spent total in chemo for him since October. So I really can not complain… I mean that is what a tax refund is for right? HA! In one side out the other!

So far the total cost with this emergency week is:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27
12/14 – $173.00
12/28 – $60
01/04 – $322.10
01/18 – $135.00
2/1 – $103.00
2/15 – $175.00
3/1 – $110.00
3/8 – $399.10
3/21 – $117.60
3/29 – $73.00
4/5 – $58.80
4/12 – $913.24

Total – $4515.14

After a good 24 hours of processing this added expense I am ok with it now. I would do anything for Cody and it is only money… I will work it out. I actually talked to a girl who works there, the one that was administering the fluids and asked about part time or full time jobs there. She said you do not have to go to school to be a tech you can get on the job training, she did. They have SO many people working there. She said they need someone for the front desk to check people in and out since the techs are so busy, and to talk to Jorge as he does the hiring. I don’t know him at all and rarely see him, but I approach him as I am leaving and mention as I stand there in my sweats and baseball hat that I am interested in working there. I think he thought I had three heads. I think I just need to ask Butzer… why go to the guy below the boss? Silly me… I guess i was just a little freaked from the bill.

So here we are Tuesday morning and I am about to jump in the shower to take him over to the vet again, for fluids and a shave of his belly for the ultrasound. I am very curious about the results of this… although I truly think everything will look normal. Regardless I think it will ease my mind, or at least give us a direction. More good signs this morning however, Cody ate some pieces of chicken this morning and a dog biscuit. I force fed him some more slop just to get his belly working. I have been mixing probiotics into the slop to get those enzymes back in his gut and i think that is working. I also gave him his heart and lung meds and some vitamins.

Poor guy is like a damn pharmacy… but hopefully we are turning a corner now. I am thinking seriously about simply stopping chemo altogether at this point. I am scared to give him the other two treatments of Cyclophosomide and Doxyrubcin. I just don’t think it is a good idea at all. He is DEFINITELY not getting Vincristine ever again, that is for sure. But even if we get a good month or two of health back from him I am pretty sure we are done now. Just a blood test to see if there is any lymphoma left. The goal is to get him back enough that he can have some fun again… jump in the ocean, dog parks, visits from his girlfriend Sheriff…

Almost there. I will let you know how the ultrasound goes today…



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on April 12, 2011.

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