Out Of The Woods (And Turning The Corner!)

Today Cody is doing GREAT! OH MY LORD I AM SO RELIEVED!!!! Seriously… I have been waiting for any sign of recovery from this latest craziness and today I got it… well it has been getting better day by day but today… wow! He woke up happy and bright eyed… he ATE breakfast all on his own! He had some boiled chicken breast and some leftover steak, a couple milkbones (he is off his restricted diet right now as I don’t care what the Hell he eats as long as he EATS!) He is drinking water out of his dish even with the 1000 CC’s of fluid in his system. Throwing the ball around the house…

He’s back folks. Mama could not be prouder or more relieved!

I took him to see Butzer this morning to get the Ultrasound results and it was normal normal normal. let me back track a bit and tell you about yesterday as it is quite cute and quintessential Cody… which is why he is so very special.

We went to the vet yesterday morning at 9:30am for the ultrasound. I knew he was going to get his belly shaved a bit for the test. Butzer was not there yet as apparently he had a late night emergency. So I see the ultrasound lady come in and once they are set up the tech (Erin) comes to get Cody and take him. I wait for a good 20 minutes or so and then Erin brings him back and says “man you have the best dog”. I asked why, and she said “the guy that runs the machine asked me to assist the ultrasound. You know they put him in this foam thing and he is on his back cradled. So the guy asks me to help and I said sure, but you don’t need me… you don’t know Cody. So Cody gets in the foam, they flip him over and he just lays there. I held his back leg with two fingers! haha! Then the guys says something like OK! And Cody lifts his head up like he is gonna get up and the guy says Not yet… and Cody lays back down.”

He is so good. So trusting. My special boy! And look at his cute lil baby belly:

So I see the Ultrasound lady and she stops in and tells me she did not  see anything in his abdomen at all, but his heart may have some weakness although she can not really tell and is sending the test to a cardiologist. She said one side of his heart looks like it is not pumping as strong as the other, but it could be anything including his not eating for so long. She said in humans that is a sign that that particular weak side of teh heart is the side that has had a heart attack, but it is different in dogs.

Then I hear Butzer, and his bike. Now the older couple in the next room have been bitching for like 30 minutes that they have to leave and can not wait and this is ridiculous etc etc… so I figure Butzer will go right in to see them. Nope! He comes right in to see Cody and talk to me about the test, and what the results he has mean and the cardiologist will tell us more. He feels Cody all over, asks how he is doing and spends at least 15-20 minutes with us. I love this man.

Cody gets his fluids and we go home. He is great the rest of the day in between naps… eating some chicken, milkbones and actually interested in whatever i am eating. I can not tell you what a 180 this is from just a couple days ago of him hiding in the back room or the bathroom in the dark and refusing to even smell any food. He took his heart and lungs pills in a pill pocket instead of the crushing and shoving it in his mouth with the slop and syringe… Mama loves this lemme tell ya!

He was great last night, ate more chicken and some salmon that I was having… and although still breathing heavy he was fine. He fell asleep on my lap on the couch while trying to watch the season premiere of Deadliest Catch… I did not make it past the first ten minutes, and neither did he.

This morning the vet visit was easy and I think Dr Butzer was as happy as I am to see Cody looking so much better. We talked about how he can totally recover from all of this and to treat him at this point forward holistically. Again I love this man.

So that s where we are. Cody slept most of the afternoon after getting his 1000 cc’s of fluid which he will continue to get until he totally regains his appetite. As we came in the door from the vet after getting so much fluid, he actually drank some of his own water from his dish!!!! Again… HUGE!!! I made him some more organic free range chicken breasts that I got from Whole Wallet and he ate some periodically all day, but mostly slept on my bed.

Now he is sitting at my feet waiting for me to look at him so he can spit the tennis ball that he is holding at me.



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on April 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Out Of The Woods (And Turning The Corner!)”

  1. That’s great news!!!

  2. Oh my god that is so freaking great. What a cutie! Eating and playing – two great signs of recovery. And such a good boy, so stoic. (Mine’s a drama queen who complains when her nails get trimmed).

    • Oh Alex I could not be happier! No vet today… he is eating a drinking like a champ!


      Thanks for your help too! You are the best! Cody sends his love to you and your drama queen!

  3. Michelle, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and Cody. You let love guide you, and you have your little (big!) boy to share your life with. I’m sorry that it cost so much, but i have a feeling that it is all water under the bridge now that he is doing so well.
    give him an extra hug and kiss, as that is what i would want to do. c.fisher

    • Chris i think at this point he is so sick of me kissing and hugging him he runs from me when he sees me coming! Haha! Not really but he is getting an overload of love for sure. And the cost is well worth it… He is his old self again. My big handsome stud with the sweet heart…

      Thanks for the comment. I truly hope our story helps someone else understand tbat there is hope.


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