No News Is Good news!

Well you know things must be great if I haven’t written in a few days! Cody is doing FANTASTIC!!! My dog is back! He is gaining his weight back slowly but surely as I am feeding him four times a day… and he loves it of course!

I have taken him off Milkbones completely again so no carbs, no sugars as this feeds cancer… so he is back on protein and veggies. I also have not started him back on the Pet Mix yet as I am still weary of his stomach. I just want to make sure all of his enzymes are working before I start adding too much flavor back into his diet. So right now he is eating organic grass fed ground chicken thighs with organic spinach and broccoli mixed in. I saute the chicken in a tiny bit of organic olive oil, and once that is cooked through I add in the chopped spinach and broccoli, turn off the heat and cover until it cools. This steams the veggies just enough that they stay bright green and full of vitamins. I am also mixing in his supplements again, so he gets good and healthy.

If you don’t remember, in the morning he gets a multivitamin, Omega 3, echinacea, Tahitian Noni, CoQ10, and a probiotic. In the evening he gets Omega 3, echinacea, Tahitian Noni, probiotic and a spirulina.

I am not running him yet either, still concerned about his heart although he is breathing normally and has a ton of energy. Like I said, he is back to his old self and Mama could not be happier! He is tossing toys around the house and has decided that whenever I look at him it is time to play, so he drops whatever is closest, making sure it is nice and soaked with as much slobber as possible, onto my lap. Sweet boy!

So maybe I am projecting here, but at least I am not saying that I think my dog needs a raincoat or anything human like that, but I truly think that we bonded even more this last bought of illness. It seems that he is very attuned to anything I am doing and needs to be right next to me more than usual. He also seems to ask for affection from me a lot more. He lays as close as possible to me and needs to be touching me constantly… and when I lay on the floor or his bed or the couch with him, he is rubbing his face in my chest and under my neck in complete bliss. It is awesome. If you have a dog you know what I mean… the bond is amazing and mystifying as well. Two totally different beings seemingly communicating with ease. And no he is not telling me he would like slippers or an Easter outfit or anything ridiculous and Boca Raton like that… he is simply letting me know that he knows, that I helped him through this and he loves me for it. Even more.


I sit on a yoga ball at my desk and he lays right at my feet touching it as I sit here. With what is left of his Chelvis (Chicken Elvis)… the boxers and feet…

So we are good! AND HAPPY!!!! And no more chemo! We are in remission and we are going to enjoy every single day we have together! This will include tennis balls, swimming in the ocean, dog parks and lots and lots of love….



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on April 20, 2011.

One Response to “No News Is Good news!”

  1. I want to be your dog! Sounds delish – and healthy!…organic chicken with veggies? I’ve never heard of “Chelvis” but we likewise have a box of half-eaten toys, teddy bears, lambs, hedgehogs etc. missing their faces. My partner Dwight insists on sewing them all, so we have an entire box of FrankenToys. Send us Chelvis, and he’ll come back with a dolphin head or a bear face! Glad you guys are doing great. We finally have a real spring day, so I’m takin’ the kids to the park, and think about Cody when I see all the labs. xo

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