Ahhh The Silence…

It has been a couple weeks since I have written here… and that is simply because there is not much to report other than Cody is doing fantastic. He is back to his old self, gaining weight, happy as a clam (whatever that means) and no signs of any cancer at all. Trust me…  he gets molested with the once over multiple times a day. Just TRY coming back you glands!

The only things I have noticed is the staph infection is still a stubborn visitor that flares up and never seems to go completely away. I am assuming it is staph as that is what we thought it was prior. He gets these red splotches on his belly, his bird (aka penis – my family has always referred to this particular bit of anatomy as a “bird” and it just seems appropriate for some reason), he had one behind his ear of all places and one under his armpit. I tried some vitamin E oil at first but that did not help. Then one day after running across the street with the ball he had a ridiculous flare up, so I gave him a bath with the Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus Soap I use for him… all natural biodegradable, and the Eucalyptus is a natural flea repellant.

This seemed to work well and immediately reduced the redness. Hmmm…. makes me wonder if this is a rash or allergic reaction to something he runs through across the street maybe?


Regardless I called Butzer and asked about what I can use to combat the staph. He said Neosporin or Bactiracin. So I got a tube of Bacitracin since I am allergic to Neosporin and don;t want to touch it, and have been applying that to his spots for a couple days now. It seems to help. Staph is bacteria so we’ll see. I need to take him to see Butzer soon but I have a terrible cold right now and there are no appointments available, so I have to do a walk in. I just can’t sit there for what could possibly be two hours being sick right now. Cody needs his nails cut, needs to have the Staph looked at, a CBC and he also could use his anal glands drained… I have caught him scooting his butt across the carpet a few times lately. Gross!

Other than all that he is great… getting way too much love (like that is possible) and enjoying the weeks we have had with no vet visits!!! He cuddles with me every night and is the most adorable happy boy right now…

I am feeling quite blessed to have these days, this time with him. Who knows… maybe this will last and we will be that special case, that one in 10000…. or whatever the odds are.

That’s what I am going for!

Cody says hello and thanks for all of your support!



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on May 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Ahhh The Silence…”

  1. We finally have a nice, warm spring day here in Southern Canada, and now this wonderful news! Good going, Cody and Mummy.

  2. Dear Michele, Read both posts and hope you are getting some rest along with Cody. It is so encouraging to see that he is doing so well and that you can look on his skin events as managable and curable, as they are. We never know what other people, the ones at the vets office, are suffering through unless we’ve been through the worry, and you certainly have. I had to laugh about the “bird”. My d in law calls my buddys penis his “member” as in “ma, his member is on my arm” I get histericle when I remember her saying that.
    Well, keep up the wonderful care and love you give Cody, and all of us “out here” are praying for you, and sending sweet and healing thoughts to you both. chris

  3. I re read my comment and unless I add that she said “member” with a ee ewww and a scream, it makes no sense, so thats it

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