A Crazy Morning Check Up…

Wow. Cody and I just got back from the vet and what an INSANE morning there! I really do not know how they do it.

We got there around 8:45am… it is now 11:30am….

I did not have an appointment as it was impossible to get one for Dr Butzer this week, so we walked in and it looked relatively empty. There was only one person in the waiting room and we were ushered right into a room. The woman i talked to said Butzer should not be too long he was just finishing up an emergency. So we waited for a while and another girl came in to ask what we were there for… so I rattled off: CBC, nails cut, anal glands drained and to check this nasty Staph infection that will not go away. After I posted yesterday I was petting Cody and felt something gnarly on his back, I look and it is a huge scab with some crusty weirdness over a lot of redness and right on his hips on his back.


I start to pull apart the hair and it all comes off in my hand. Now he has a huge bald spot on his back! OH NO!!! It looks awful! So I go get some cotton and water and clean it off, then put the Bacitracin on it and look over the rest of his body. This is a bad one but the others are the normal smaller ones on his belly. So I want Butzer to look at this one.

So we wait….

And wait…

They come in and take him to get his CBC, nails cut etc… he comes back…

And we wait….

And wait…

Meanwhile the sounds of the hospital are in full effect. LOTS of crying, wailing, sobbing, talk of pancreas and not sure what we can do and wheeling of carts and more crying… I hear a woman say her baby is only 7 years old and too young to go, but what can she do… and it does not matter at this point to do an autopsy because it is done and she just wants her left alone and the ashes…


This goes on for a long time. They come in to get my box of tissues in my room. And more crying. Butzer says he would like to do an autopsy but the owner said no, so the Ultrasound lady that did Cody’s a few weeks ago says she could do a test to see if it looks like the pancreas… you could probably tell. So they do. I did not hear the results. I also talk to another tech that says there were two emergencies in there this morning that ended in euthanasia… the pancreas one for the seven year old, and another older dog that had a lot of health issues but was hit by a car this morning. She was a Golden Retriever and I saw her being carried away. SO SAD! What an insane morning. All the techs I saw clearly were stressed, upset, drained and it was all before 10am….

Finally Butzer came in and of course Cody LOVES him… so Cody was dancing all around him and licking his face and Butzer smiled… “you have the best dog, he has such great energy and a happy demeanor, always happy and excited and sweet”…

Yes. Yes I do.

So we look at the infection, he takes a scraping of two spots, the one on his back and one on his belly and goes to look at it under the microscope. He comes back and say it is definitely Staph, and maybe a bit of allergy. He gives me two drugs for Cody: Simplicef 200 mg once a day as antibiotic for the Staph, Hydroxyzine 50mg twice a day as an antihistamine to stop allergic reaction, and Gen One Spray as a topical for skin lesions. The CBC came back great! His whites are 6.82, reds are 6.23 and his platelets are 301 right in the middle where they should be.

So finally we are good to go and I walk out to pay. It is a ghost town. Seems everyone is in a room in the back. So I walk up to pay and the girl there is one I know… and I tell her I am drained after that, it took so long. She looks at me and says it was one of the worst mornings she can remember… FOUR emergencies, three of which ended in euthanasia! WHOA! I thought there were only two….

I have to tell you everyone in there is so compassionate and understanding from all that I saw and heard. This is a great veterinary hospital and I feel very fortunate that Cody is in their care and they are so thorough. So I pay… $205.78. I had a balance from the prior visits of $25.00, and the meds today were somewhat pricey:

Simplicef was $70.53 (65% off)

CBC was $39 (50% off)

Hydroxyzine $26.25 (25% off)

Gen One sSpray $45

No charge for the office visit, the Anals, or skin scraping. This brings the grande total for all Cody’s chemo to:

9/21 – $225.53
9/24 – $12.78
9/27 – $137.80
9/28 – $335.67
10/5 – $65.18
10/12 – $142.37
10/19 – $142.37
10/26 – $61.20
11/2 – $408.22
11/16 – $133.68
11/30 – $108.23
12/3 – $102.27
12/14 – $173.00
12/28 – $60
01/04 – $322.10
01/18 – $135.00
2/1 – $103.00
2/15 – $175.00
3/1 – $110.00
3/8 – $399.10
3/21 – $117.60
3/29 – $73.00
4/5 – $58.80
4/12 – $913.24
5/6 – $205.78

Total – $4720.92

I need to take him back in three weeks to have the Staph checked out, but other than that we are good! He is 63lbs now… gained 5lbs since his last visit and going strong! This makes Mama very proud.

As I was leaving I also saw a very odd typically Boca woman (lots of gold clothing, lots of plastic surgery, crazy red colored hair, about 65 years old) who I overheard say her dog had cancer. I asked her what kind of cancer and she said she could not remember what the name of the cancer was. Wow. That struck me as odd. So I asked her if she was doing chemo with Dr Butzer and she looked at me horrified and said, no, she was going a completely holistic route and doing “her own thing”.  She said all of this in a baby-talk kind of way addressing her dog instead of me… so I let it lie… if she can not remember the kind of cancer her dog has I am sure I would glean no information out of what she claimed she was doing to help the dog fight it. I am interested to see what she is doing… but I did not press…

Sometimes I feel this amazing urge to educate, to help, offer insight and support… and sometimes it just seems it is not worth the effort. Today was one of those days. I hope for her dog’s sake that her method works… I am pulling for her. Maybe I will see her again and see how her dog is doing…

Anyway.. I need a bit of decompression after this morning… and the entire experience makes me appreciate my sleeping SNORING boy all the more… I am one lucky Mama!



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on May 6, 2011.

One Response to “A Crazy Morning Check Up…”

  1. Your reports always make me feel as if I was there – it’s a pleasure to read. You run into a lot of nutty — I mean colourful — people in your outings.

    We were at the vet’s yesterday too – shots for our kittens, a pair of feral sisters – and we both lost much blood cornering one of them to put her in the pet taxi. Hissing, peeing and scratching. She’s like a Bengal tiger in miniature.

    Kudos on the weight gain, Cody. We’re off to the park try run off some winter fat. Have a good one!

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