A Freaked Out Saturday…

Michelle has had a very rough and weird and freaked out day today. Bear with me as it has caused me to have few beers… Let me back track a bit. 

My baby cousin is here visiting this week. I say baby but she is 22 years old and an absolute pleasure of a house guest,.. Totally easy going, fun and hilarious, and just enjoyable all the way around. She has been here since Tuesday and we have been hanging out by the pool together periodically. She adores Cody and being the proud Mama that i am, i have been bragging about his swimming ability which she has never witnessed. She was here for her spring break back in March and it was a bit cool for the pool then. Besides, Cody because of his compromised immune system has not been in the pool for almost a year. I do not want him swallowing chlorine and chemicals, which he does in spades as he swims with his mouth wide open and ingests large amounts of water requiring a decompression of hours to pee himself out, from any day in the pool.

As I have said in my last post, Cody has been fantastic for weeks now. Last night after being in bed for about an hour he surprisingly woke up gagging, looked like he was going to puke but did not. It seemed to me, and i brushed it off as such, that he was asleep and either got a dry throat or swallowed weird, and gagged. He was fine after a few minutes and went right back to his dog bed at the foot of my bed, and slept soundly the rest of the night.

So today being Saturday we woke up relatively early from Jimi screaming his face off at 6am that he would like to eat some time in the next two hours. Breakfast time is 7:30am. After much coffee and feeding time, we noticed there was an awful smell, a death smell, emanating through the house coming from the garage area. We opened the garage and after almost throwing up and then removing various lawn care products, we found a dead baby opossom under the lawn mower. BINGO! Found the source of the nasty death smell. We successfully shoveled it into a garbage bag and disposed of the poor baby… And then aired and sprayed out the garage for a couple hours. Gross.

Being 22, cousin Jen woke up around 10am (i would pay to be able to sleep past 7am!), and we tried the beach. We drove over there, walked out to the water which was a bit rough today as there was some good kicking wind coming from the south and rip currents which made swimming out of the question. We planted ourselves on the sand and settled in…. and then were overcome with a smell. Another death smell. A truly disgusting strong smell of not seaweed, not salt water…. death. Again. What? After really making a serious effort i could just not take it any longer, so we left.

Back to the pool we go… And Cody being the sweet handsome boy that he is sat outside with us for a bit. It was so hot out that i felt, since he is doing so well, why not let him in the pool for a swim and show Cousin Jen what he can do. This is his time right? The quality of life time where he gets to do all of his favorite things that he loves so much again. And he LOVES THE POOL! He dives, swims laps, fetches the ball for hours on end.

So I invite him in and he swims around a bit. He LOVES swimming. Let’s take it up a notch and go get the basketball which he loves to bat around in the pool and chase. He starts batting it around, he is swimming over to me pushing the ball and then i see his eyes go blank, he starts to flail. He stops swimming, like he is frozen, his eyes go wide like he is scared, he shoots his body straight up into the air out of the water, head back, and sinks on his back under the water and continues to sink! My eyes never left his or his face, and again he looks scared to death, and I immediately launch myself at him and am screaming! I grab him and pull him out of the water, he is not moving, no longer even trying to swim, it was crazy! I yank him up and out of the water and get him to the side of the pool. We pull him out to the side and onto the pool deck and i am freaking out now. Was this a seizure???? I have never seen anything like his before at all! Holding back tears i am rubbing him down, drying him off and talking to him to make sure he is responsive, which he is and was as soon as he was on the side of the pool.

He was definitely freaked out but not nearly as much as i was. I am all over him, looking at his eyes, rubbing his ears, talking to him and drying him off… All the while totally choking up. What in the hell just happened????!

He has been absolutely fine since. Totally normal. But not me. I am in shock. I am upset. I have no idea what i saw today. I feel like a total asshole that i am so naive to think that he is fine and healthy and good and normal when things like this can happen in an instant. Had i not been right there, that close to him, he could have drowned. I just can’t shake it. I can not stop picturing his face, the look in his eyes, the fear i saw in him and that i experienced. I have had multiple beers since… Not that it has helped at all… But i needed something to calm my nerves… I am just shaken to the core and freaked out… And is this related to his episode last night?

That being said it has been hours and he seems fine. Happy, normal, loving, wagging his tail, playful and just fine… 

I guess Mama just needs to redefine the new normal…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on May 14, 2011.

One Response to “A Freaked Out Saturday…”

  1. Bottoms up! You deserve it. Best wishes to all.

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