Doing Good…

No news is good news and that is what I have to report! Cody is doing great… he is happy, back at a good weight (although I have not weighed him, he just looks great)… no visible ribs, coat is shiny and thick, he is growing whiskers back on his face(I missed the catfeesh) and has a lot of energy. He has been eating like a horse, running with the ball, weather permitting (it is about 90 degrees here every day) and as always, obsessed with his chicken-like toys. I say toys as in plural as since his recovery from that last scary bought with chemo, he has somehow acquired many many chicken-like toys. He is a happy spoiled boy! Just look at that smile!

After the incident in the pool a couple of weeks ago, I was weary to let him in the pool again. That being said it is 90 degrees here every day, and on the weekends especially while my cousin was visiting we would spend a lot of time in the pool. Cody of course wants to be outside with the action, and we have an umbrella to create shade where needed, but it is still hot. So the following Saturday after the incident I let him in the pool for a bit -shadowing him the entire time. This time with no balls at all so he was calmer, and just letting him swim lazily around with me. He did great, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

When Cody was a puppy I spent a LOT of time with him in the pool. He LOVES to swim and is really very good. He is athletic in every way, jumping from the sides into the deep end, DIVING under the water to get the ball, swimming back and forth constantly and we had spent countless hours, countless weekends in the pool. So it was a milestone to allow him back in. Milestone reached! He enjoyed himself, cooled off and hung out on the steps for a while with us just standing in the water. Smiling.

As we sat on the pool deck I snapped the pic below… it is one of my favorite things to do with him, to compare our foot sizes. I am a small person, I am not even 5ft tall and my shoe size is a 5.5… so we have similar sized “feet”…

And of course he is always happy as any Labrador is… as you can see in the pic below he is always attentive and watching whatever it is I do (have I mentioned I am fascinating?)…. tail wagging constantly. Look at that face! HA! Classic Cody!

But the very very best is late night with the sleepy boy and the cuddles we share. This right here makes all the money, the heartache, the vet visits and the trauma worth every second… This is the BEST!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Doing Good…”

  1. He does look wonderful, and you sound so happy! LOve wins again.

  2. I was thinking the two things your friend above said. A lab – especially – off his food must be alarming, so it’s great that he’s back at it. Enjoy the weather, the munchies, the pool and playing with chicken-like toys. Sounds good to me!

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