HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that’s right! Today is Cody’s SIXTH birthday! My boy is 6 years old and happy and healthy and doing FANTASTIC! For those diehard readers you know that this is a HUGE MILESTONE for us!!! Last September was a devastating blow and unbelievable diagnosis, but you would never know it to see him today. He is the picture of health, happy and I could not be more proud.

We had a busy morning of being completely spoiled. We woke up to some super love in the form of a complete cuddle session on the bed in the wee hours, and a great rub down. He is super lovey in the mornings all sleepy eyed. Then we had a BIG breakfast and some lay around time to digest before we went for a hot and steamy run across the street with the ball. After a nice cool down we took the ridiculous amount of cookies I made yesterday and this great picture printed nicely on photo paper to Clint Moore to see Dr Butzer.

It’s not animal abuse if he likes it! And Cody LOVES the attention. If only I had some birthday sleigh bells he would be prancing around the house (yes he likes the Christmas sleigh bell collar I have for him and if I take it off of him he goes digging for it). Anyway, they framed the photo and placed it right at the front desk. Unfortunately Dr Butzer was in an emergency surgery so we did not get a visit, but the girls loved him up and we left happy.

On the way home as he sat in the front seat with his head resting on my arm looking at me, I had a revelation! “Cody this is the first time we have ever gone to Clint Moore and they did not do one thing to you!”

He smiled.


Dr Butzer saved Cody’s life. I’d like to think I had a hand in it too, but realistically it was the chemo and his attentive care that ensured Cody would be here today to celebrate with his very proud Mama. I am thankful every day for this gift of life I have in my home still, but especially today. He is the absolute best and I have no idea what I would do without him in my world.

I do know that we will be celebrating all day long… he has a gigantor raw hide bone sitting next to him as I write this… and there is lots more spoiling in store!

So Happy Cody’s Birthday everyone! I hope your Friday is as joyful, thankful and special as ours!

Cheers! Here’s to MANY more my special boy!!!! I could not possibly love you any more!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on July 15, 2011.

One Response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. All animals should have such dedicated advocates and caretakers. Our congratulations to you both!

    xoxoxo hugs and smoochies,
    Alex, Dwight, Ursa & Beau (dogs) Bilbo, Tulip, Ailsa and Nola (cats). We don’t name the fish, thankfully!

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