Baby Steps… again…

We just got back from seeing Dr Butzer. He seemed genuinely sad just like I am. We took Cody’s CBC and unwittingly, his whites are pretty low! I had no idea. How could I have? I am just shocked at how this turned so fast. Obviously his form of Lymphoma is pretty aggressive. I am sick to my stomach. He is the picture of health and I really thought we had this beat, at least for a while.

So we got to Clint Moore at noon and Butzer came in pretty quick. He felt Cody’s glands and agreed that they were all swollen. His neck is larger and his hind legs are pretty large, but his shoulder glands are smaller than the rest. Whatever that means. We go through the options discussing how the protocol obviously was not enough even though the last chemo treatment almost killed him. We both think that Cody is allergic to Vincristine, so we agree that he will never get that again. We talked about how we did not finish the last doses of his protocol leaving three remaining: Cyclophosomide, Doxyrubicin and Vincristine. The Doxy is the strongest and that is the one we decide to give him today, the two hour IV drip. We decide to try this and see if his glands respond and get small again. If not, I am not sure. We may decide to just let him go at that point if the chemo is no longer going to work. There are other options, a pill that we can give him that acts like chemo. But I am not sure I want to put him through it. He is acting fine… hopping around and throwing toys so at least he does not act sick… which also makes this that much harder to swallow.

So they take him back and take his CBC and get him set up for an IV. The CBC: whites as I said are low at 5.03, reds are good at 7.30 and his platelets are normal. Again I am just shocked that his whites are so low, had I known I would never have left him this weekend and he should not have been around other dogs. There was no sign of this however, so I can not beat myself up about it. I keep telling myself this.


They bring him in and he is hooked up to an IV drip of fluids. We sit on the floor while he gets this, then Dr Butzer comes in and gives him a series of various injections; Doxyrubicin which is the chemo, penicillin for infection, benedryl for any allergic reactions, dexamethasone which is an anti-inflammatory steroid-like drug, pepcid to keep his stomach acid down, regulan to curb diarhea, and vitamins. The total this visit was a whopping $382.10… thank god for AmEx.

We sat on the floor and waited for the IV to finish, it was a lot of fluid so that he is hydrated and this stuff was a bit diluted. Cody got a bit agitated at times and I knew he had to pee. After the drip was done I got him outside and he pooped and peed around four times.

So now we are home and I am hoping that in the next day or so his glands are noticeably smaller. That is the sign we need. If not, there is a lot of decision making to do and I know a lot of crying to be done. My eyes are practically swollen shut already today, I am not sure I can take much more. A serious nap is in order…

I will keep you all posted. Wish us luck…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on July 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “Baby Steps… again…”

  1. I am praying for you and Cody.
    Be strong Michelle, it is what it is, he is so loved and who can ask for more that that?! I am wishing the best for you both and know in my heart Cody could not be in better hands or heart than yours and your wonderful doc!
    All my love and that of my dogs and cats! Peace & love, Barbara

  2. hugs

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