Protocel: Does It Work?

I am sure it is no surprise to those that know me that I am again hitting the ground running looking for alternative treatments for Cody. I keep coming across Protocel (aka Cancell aka Cantron). It is supposedly non-toxic and apparently people and animals have been using it for decades with great results in tumor reduction. I am curious if any of you readers out there have any experience with this, know anything about it or can refer me to any more information that may help me decide whether to try it? I am really considering it since the other option is more chemo and I am not sure I want to put the boy through that. Just look at him! Would you want to put this face through more chemo? But could you give up either?

Cody is great today. His nodes are non-existent and he is feeling fine as far as I can tell even with the Doxyrubicine coursing through his veins. No side effects that I can tell and of course we went running with the ball this morning to get his blood pumping and also simply because he loves it. Beyond just thinking about adding Protocel to his diet I am also considering taking him off the packaged no-carb food that I order each month and seeing what I can come up with on my own. The Birkdale PetMix has added noticeable large chunks of what I believe are apples in the last batch. I was stunned that the mix looked different this time and a bit alarmed. Apples have sugar in them… not good for cancer. I asked them on their Facebook page why the mix looked different and they ignored me… so I am a bit put off now. I have one more batch of the remaining bag left and I need to make a decision on that soon… I will keep you posted.

I found a lot of information on the web about Protocel and one of the things that makes me truly want to try it is simply this statement, because I know how big business works in this country and I know that cancer treatment is big business: “But Sheridan’s efforts to get his formula scientifically evaluated in a clinical setting and approved for use in mainstream medicine were blocked by various arms of the cancer industry. Going back to the 1950s, these included the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the FDA. In the meantime, people with cancer were begging Sheridan to let them use his formula. It was at this time that an associate of Sheridan’s, Ed Sopcak, decided to help fund and produce large quantities of Cancell®. Between 1984 and 1993 Sopcak gave away about 20,000 bottles of it to cancer patients. No payment was ever asked for. Incredible testimonials started coming back to Sopcak and Sheridan from people using Cancell®. More and more people with cancer, many of whom were in metastasized late stages of their disease, were getting well!

But in 1992, the FDA put the final ‘clamp down’ on this remarkable cancer treatment by issuing an injunction against Sheridan and Sopcak that stopped all possibility of them even giving away the formula. The only break came when DSHEA was passed by Congress in 1994. This was the ‘Dietary Supplements Health Education Act’ which proclaimed that the FDA would not have control over health supplements.”

Of course people can write anything on a website and say it is true and fact and history… who knows? I can read countless articles and statements but the only way I will truly find out is to try it I suppose. What can it hurt?

I have read that I would need to change his supplements if he takes Protocel. He needs to go off of CoQ10 and Spirulina which I am fine with. Neither of them are that big a deal. He needs to stay the course on his no-carb diet which I was never planning to take him off of anyway.

I am just curious if anyone has tried this. Let me know… I have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. Right?


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on August 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “Protocel: Does It Work?”

  1. Yes, try it Protocel on Cody. I tried it on a friend’s dog and in a few days the lysis started. Unfortunately, the cancer was near one eye and my friend did not continue the treatment, because the inflamation was approaching the eye. She got cold feet and put the dog to sleep.

    I also tried it on a friend with recurrent cancer of the breast in the surgical scar, which started improving, but she stopped the Rx, because the lack of money to buy the supplement. Not too much of an expert, right?

    I am an MD and in the process of introducing Protocel to the whole 42 mil of an European country, where nobody has heard of it.

    Jose L. Suescun

  2. Stop Cody’s chemo. It is incompatible with Protocel.
    Buy Immediately the book “Outsmart your cancer” by Tanya Harter Pierce and read the Protocel article on humans and animals. It is cheaper than chemo

    Jose L. Suescun

  3. Poor Cody…I hope he is feeling better. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and had also tried Protocel. Though he has been on it for several years, a few weeks back he had switched over to a time-release form call Cantavita –

    I have my lab/Rex on Cantavita. Rex is over 10 years old and has lymphoma. I have noticed Rex responded very well with Cantavita – within a month Rex had more energy and improved appetite. At first Rex would not chew down the tablet – I had to hide it peanut butter, which did the trick!

    Rex has been on Cantavita for more than 9 months now and the last check, some of the swelling in his lymphoids has reduced substantially. Hope this helps!

  4. My New holistic vet just started contran on my dog.

  5. I have been taking protocel/cantron sporadically for a year now. I only found out about it after they removed the tumor from my breast. I had an aggressive form of ductile carcinoma. Although I didn’t learn about the protocel soon enough to use it exclusively, I use it as maintenance now. Whenever I feel bad, I take only a few doses and I start immediately feeling better. Haven’t been to the doc in years due to lack of insurance, I just have faith that protocel will keep things in check. I am about to try Cantavita, since it is easier to take. I just hope they really have the same ingredients and proportions to protocel…….I would encourage anyone out there to try protocel/cantron (and maybe the cantavita form if it’s the same). The only thing I can say is I feel much better when I am taking it than when I don’t……

  6. There is another great book on alternative cancer treatments just listed on Amazon. It’s called YES I CANCER. On Amazon it is only available for Kindle. I purchased it from the website to download on my computer. I was referred by a friend who highly recommended it. That address is The book really helps you understand cancer and what you can do to treat it naturally. There is a very good article on Protocel/Cancell.
    I’ll Pray for Cody…


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