Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

The work I am off to is looking at what I am not doing to help Cody and trying to implement it. As I mentioned in my last post, I am a bit suspect of the Birkdale Pet Mix that I have been feeding Cody for the last ten months since their last batch looked very different from the nine previous. So in the last couple weeks since finding his glands swollen again, I have researched online and at my local library branch different alternative therapies to try. I want you all to know that I am NOT going to try the Cancell that I mentioned in the previous post. After further reading it definitely seems like some Snake Oil and that is not my game.

So I made him homemade food today. I took about 2.5lbs of the Whole Foods Grass Fed Hormone Free ground beef and slowly cooked that over low heat in four cups of filtered spring water. I never let it boil, I just heat it until it changes color from red to light brown.

Meanwhile I chopped up:

3 zucchini
2 large carrots
1 bunch fresh garden grown spinach
1 large head broccoli
3 cloves garlic
handful blueberries
2 TBS flax seeds

After I took the meat off of the heat I let it sit for about 20 minutes to cool off a bit and then stirred in the garlic and spinach so both would SLIGHTLY cook.

The rest of the veggies I mixed in raw.


And of course Cody gets to lick the pot…

He always seems to know when I am making something for him. He hangs out just at the edge of the kitchen and watches me intently, kind of jumping every time i look at him like “NOW?”.  My buddy…

So we’ll see how long this food lasts and if he gets any issues from it… it is pretty relative to the mix he has been on so I don’t think the switch over should be bad at all. This smells SO MUCH better!!! That in and of itself is a win!

I think as far as cost goes it may in fact be cheaper per month but that remains to be seen. This one batch cost about $15.00 and should last me a few days at the very least… I am keeping track and will let you know. The Birkdale was $100.00 for an 18lb bag plus shipping, and it lasted about a month. The goal obviously is to land under that for the next month, but also to improve his diet and know EXACTLY what he is ingesting.  I am still doing the vitamin supplement regimen as well (see previous posts).

And as far as Cody goes, he is doing good. No glands, still happy normal playful and silly self. We go running every morning for about ten to fifteen minutes and he always tells me when he has had enough. He sleeps all day unless I am being fascinating, and usually around dinner time it is the challenge game of  “Have you see my toy? You must see this toy! Let me toss it on your feet! Have you seen it? IT ROCKS doesn’t it? How about if I prance it around the living room for you.. then you can really appreciate how much it fully rocks!?” This usually goes on before and after dinner until he gets told to lay down enough that he actually thinks it is not a bad idea…

Life with Cody… it rocks.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on August 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “Hi Ho, Hi Ho…”

  1. Hi there, Bella here again.

    You should try kale as well. Last few dog magazines I bought talked about the miracle of kale when a dog is diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been feeding it to my dog for months, and she loves it.

  2. I really like that you considered an alternate treatment and then looked into it and gathered enough to change your mind. In public! It means that you’re open to new ideas, willing to challenge, but not of the “if it’s alternative, it’s automatically better” school of thought. I think that’s what makes you a great advocate for your dog, and a smart woman who sounds worth knowing. All the best!


    PS I’ve normally avoided kale for the dogs because of the sulphur/gas content – but I’ll try it and see how that goes. I know onions are bad for that reason, but I do feed my dogs garlic which some people say is bad. I put it in all their ‘health’ cookies and they seem to like it, although the idea that it prevents fleas is wishful thinking. Vampires, maybe, haven’t seen any of those lately, but the fleas are still around.

    And now, the question of the day – how do they flippin’ know when we’re cooking for them? I get the same thing! Freaky psychic doggie skills, huh?


  3. I’ve been mixing up apples and oranges, or, in this case, kale and onions. The sulphur compound in onions is an entirely different than the one in kale, I have found out, and kale is a wonderful food for dogs (and people) while onions are still to be avoided, at least for dogs. I was concerned that I might have spread disinformation, and wanted to clear that up just in case people come across your blog while searching for good canine foods.

    So, Kale – Yes, Onions, No.


  4. I love it that you performed a scientific experiment on the effect of onions on your dogs! I am sure that was an experiment to be reckoned with!

    Thanks Alex, next round of food will be with Kale!

    I have also been mixing in garlic (like two cloves in about 4lbs of food ) and a small handful of blueberries (there is mixed info about both all over the web regarding good or bad for dogs) and he seems fine… and his breath is better than it has been in years! Both ends in fact!

    Win win win!

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