Cody’s Vacation!!!

It has been a little while since I last posted and that is simply because Cody is doing great. His glands are non-existent and he is happy and energetic. I feel very lucky to have this time with him and I am taking full advantage of it. He is spoiled and I am not at all ashamed to admit it!

As you know I live in South Florida and we are a hurricane magnet. Before Irene started slamming the northern coast of the US, it was on a direct path towards Florida. Most hurricanes start out with Florida in their cross-hairs and this one being no different caused a bit of a stir with we residents. But when it started to make it’s turn, and skated the coast enough out at sea to just barely cause some weather bands, I decided to take Cody to the beach to look at the waves. Normally we have very tiny waves, the water is pretty flat. You can barely even call what we get on a normal day waves honestly. But when we have storms in the area we generally get really decent surf, and that brings out all the surfers. So fairly early in the morning on Thursday August 25, I put Cody in the car and off we went to the beach.

HE LOVED IT!!! He was grinning ear to ear!


We got there and he immediately found a big stick, which was bigger than him, which I apparently had to throw for him. I say this was obvious because Cody is the King of Straightforward. He lets you know what he wants, no two ways about it. So when he drags a giant stick over to you and drops it at your feet, never taking his eyes off of it, standing legs splayed on-the-ready… it is pretty indisputable what he wants.

So we played stick for a while… and walked for a while. Sometimes he would bring the stick back and drop it in front of me, and then start digging! I have never seen him dig before since there is nowhere in the yard for him to do this. It was hilarious! He digs with such gusto!!!!


Then as we were walking back towards where we parked the sky started to get darker and it was obvious a band of Irene was coming in off the coast. Cody started “talking”. He would come up to me and as I bent down to pet him, he would give kisses while making crying grunting noises . It was pretty clear he was trying to tell me something. I know not to ignore this as I think it is amazing how animals understand and sense changes in the atmosphere,  I have seen it all to often. When I lived in California my cats would absolutely freak out and disappear right before an earthquake.  There is documented evidence that elephants and wildlife fled the coast of Indonesia right before the Tsunami hit there and went inland. And Cody was definitely saying “let’s get the hell off this beach please Mom!”

So we left… and within minutes of getting in the car a big clash of thunder erupted,  and as I was driving west towards home, I could see the darkness and the rain in my rearview mirror. GOOD BOY BUDDY!!!!

It was a good Thursday and it was nice to be outside for a while before we got battered all day with Irene bands and were stuck inside. Then of course Friday was stunning and blue skies as far as the eye could see…

Some friends were on vacation from NYC down in the Keys over the weekend and they asked for us to come down to hang out. Why not? Might as well continue the trend! I looked online and found a place in Key Largo that allowed dogs and booked the room, and we drove down on Saturday. Cody was wide awake the whole drive, which was only about and hour and forty-five minutes. But he was sniffing out the window the entire ride and very interested in watching the world go by.

We got to Key Largo around 1:30pm and got into the room. Unfortunately the place would not allow him anywhere on the property! Not down on the dock, on the make shift beach, not on the lawn with the hammocks, or in the water! Had I known that he was confined to the room the entire time I would have looked elsewhere for a place that was more accommodating for pets. It kind of ticked me off but I had already paid and no refunds so… make the best of it right? So I took him for a long walk and then our friends came to our hotel, a small bungalow complex on the Bay Side that is really quaint and beautiful. So we sat out on the Bay and drank some beers, played with their adorable nine month old baby and laughed. I would go and see Cody every hour and he was ok… a bit weirded in a strange room but otherwise ok.


We had a spectacular sunset and enjoyed a mellow day in the Keys.

The next day was a bit rainy and we decided the day would be spent WITH Cody… so we checked out early and found a breakfast place that allowed dogs! We met our friends for breakfast and Cody got some eggwhite omelet and some water.

Then we decided to move the party to one of those quintessential dock bars that the Keys is so well known for. So we parked ourselves at one that also allowed dogs and spent the entire afternoon watching the rain showers come and go. Cody loved the attention that every passerby would lavish upon him. Some folks even took pictures with him elevating his celebrity status to new heights.


And of course he was very interested in the toxic Pina Colada that I just had to try…

For lunch Cody had a delicious medium rare burger but Mommy ate his fries, and he then proceeded to pass out at the bar. Around 4pm we decided it was probably time to hit the road, and unlike the drive down to the Keys… Cody slept soundly all the way home.

And that was Cody’s mini-vacation weekend… aren’t you jealous?


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on August 31, 2011.

8 Responses to “Cody’s Vacation!!!”

  1. I love your blog about Cody and you and your family. It is especially important to me because we lost our beloved cat Charley to Lymphoma on July 26th. As close as we watched him and took care of him, neither our vets nor Mary and I suspected anything was wrong. Now we know to watch for subtle signs much more carefully and always beware of a change in behavior or eating habits that we just don’t quite get. What you have reminded us of is that we can catch this problem in the future. More than anything, it is wonderful to see Cody thriving and life so much better for him and you. Love your photo’s and your lively writing. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Frank,

    I am so sorry to hear about Charley… it is such an awful disease and very hard to control even if you know it is there. I am not sure how it presents in cats as opposed to dogs but there was no mistaking Cody’s Lymphoma. I could actually SEE his glands on his neck from across the room, they were so large and inflamed.

    Thanks so much for your comment and I hope my blog helps you and others deal with this disease. Have a great day!


  3. I love hearing about Cody

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the smile on his face – I’m sure only his mummy’s was bigger! Sounds like a great time, and a good reminder to everyone to reward places that let us take ALL our family members, including the furry ones. (I think of the damage that must be inflicted on Florida’s hotel stock by the spring breakers, and this makes me angry-laugh!). Anyway, eff them…

    He looks terrific. What a lovely break in the routine for all!

  5. Ha ha! I downloaded the picture of Cody on the beach as my desktop. Only then did I notice exactly how much he was enjoying his outing. Glad you’re feeling better, buddy! The fresh air works wonders, huh….?!

    • Hahaha! Alex you have no idea! I don’t think i have ONE picture withOUT that damn lipstick out… I photoshop it constantly! Hahaha! That’s my boy!

  6. Oh wow, looks like Cody did enjoy his vacation a lot! Glad that he had a great time.

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