And Round We Go Again…

I should know never to talk the “R” word about Cody to anyone, because it never fails that as soon as I do, his glands swell up again. I had been bragging at work to various folks about how good he is doing, knocking wood every time I mention his health and the dreaded “R” word recently… and working long arduous shifts lately. 1-9:30pm then the very next morning 7am to 4:30, then the next day 12:30-7:30…. so my days are spent trying to get sleep and then get some painting done (commissions) … and working. I am teaching painting classes and doing framing now and really loving it. I make amazing art, frame amazing art and teach people to make amazing art… what could be better? Well… having a day off would be nice…

Anyway, I came home from a very late shift last night and as always I give Cody love. I am told that he just does not relax at all when I am not home… he paces and barks at every noise he hears. So I lay on the floor with him and rub him down… and I feel his glands. And there they are the lil bastards. DAMMIT! I am always digging around in his neck as I have told you before… so I find the little almonds in there and of course feel all his others lymph nodes, and yes they are swollen too. Normally I can not even find them. So this morning bright and early before work I call to make an appointment with Butzer for 5pm… I get off work at 3pm.

So I came home… took the boy out and then cuddled with him for what i thought would be just a minute on the Cap’n’s Chair in my living room. Not so. I woke up about 30 minutes later with my face on the boy’s back, he was asleep too (we do this) and jumped out of the chair! (Clearly I am exhausted) Just in time, I got him in the car and went to see the Doc….

We got there around 4:45pm and waited for the Doc…

Cody loves Dr Butzer… have I mentioned that?


So after checking his glands we decided to do yet another round of chemo, and we did the big dose of Doxyrubicin, the IV drip. His glands were just barely there but enough that they were detectible for sure. Better to catch em early!

So we did:

CBC No charge
Doxyrubicin $322.10
IV Catheter Placement No Charge
IV Fluid Therapy No Charge
Dexamethasone Injection  No Charge
Benedryl INJ No Charge
Pencillin Injection No Charge
Vitamin Injection SQ No Charge

Not toooooo bad…  and no charge for the CBC which was amazing by the way… his numbers are the best I have seen them since this whole ordeal started. His Whites were at 10.83, reds were 8.21 and platelets 452. Such a shame that we had to dose him again… I really was hoping we could get by with a longer time of no chemicals in his system.

Regardless he is happy, playing, lovey and sweet as always. I am working all weekend but he is in good hands and I am sure will be fine, he usually has little to no reaction to this particular drug.

And so on we go… always.

Passed out together on the floor one night recently... I am overworked


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on October 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “And Round We Go Again…”

  1. You are a very good pet parent, just exactly the kind that Cody needs Michelle. We have found, like you, that one of the most important medical rules for our cats has been to get them in right away if we feel something is wrong. The hard part for us has been to know when that point is crossed. Cats are very good at hiding illness and disease; so it becomes a subtle detective game with them. Major illness is often indicated by a subtle change in their routine or behaviors. When we find a lump or something like a skin cyst, we always take them in. When they start hiding under a bed and it become a new habit with no indications of stress, we had been inclined to write something like that off for too long. We don’t do that anymore. We’ve realized like you that we have to know our pets bodies too. It’s such a good way of knowing whether or not weight is being lost or gained between appointments. I am so happy that you know Cody and are his wise companion. You are going to always be his best friend who realizes that a $300 or $500 expense or more can happen all at once without any warning. When our vets have told us that were just the kind of owners that our loving blue-eyed Turkish Angora with urinary blockage problems needed or our elderly tuxedo cat needed, we realized even more how important our animal companions are to us. I can see that kind of love and caring in you too Michelle. Cody is going to get well and stay healthy if at all possible, isn’t he? Thanks so much for your sharing.

  2. Thank you Frank. yes we need to know our pets behaviors and their bodies as well as our own, and you are absolutely right that you should take note of the subtleties. When I first noticed his glands were swollen over a year ago now, I knew even before I took him to the vet that it was something bad. Even though those around me were brushing it off that it was just a cold, or Labs are prone to fatty tumors etc etc. I KNEW that was not what it was… and unfortunately I was proven correct. But Cody has had the best of all chances for a good life with me as his Mama… as long as he is still the happy boy I know I will not give up this fight for him!

    They are our babies aren’t they Frank? Cody and my two cats too!

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