Well we’ve had an interesting week. I have been incredibly busy with work, teaching and I have four paintings due  BEFORE the holidays. Craziness abounds. On top of that our very good friends just had their first baby girl last Saturday the 3rd. The reason this is significant is because these are the parents of Sheriff… Cody’s girlfriend who happens to be one of the most mild and adorable dogs I have ever met. I have mentioned her before and posted pictures as well. Now Cody has not been around other dogs since the summertime and the last time he was with her, right afterwards he had a bought of cancer and we had to do some chemo. That was July. So needlessly I was a bit nervous about watching her when her Mama went into labor last weekend… but I thought it would be a nice treat for Cody.

And it was! He loves hanging out with her. The run around the living room together and play tug of war with his gator that Sheriff’s parents bought Cody. I took them both across the street to run with the ball although she basically just wrapped herself around my legs with her leash as he chased the ball. She loves to cut him off and try to tackle him as he delivers the ball. It was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately right after Sheriff left and we were over visiting the new baby, I of course said out loud for the first time in months how happy I was that Cody’s glands have stayed in check for so long now, knocking on wood as I said it. No sooner do I get home I noticed his right eye weeping a lot and I felt his neck glands…. UGH!

Now as I said I have been working like crazy. I have many many irons in the fire right now. Any day off I have from my hourly job I spend either painting, teaching or doing PR and Marketing for a musician friend and a Jazz Society in the area. Busy has never held so much weight for me. So Friday night after wiping Cody’s eye every half hour and finding that his neck was swollen, I asked my guy to take him to see Butzer Saturday morning for me as I would be working. So without an appointment he sets off as I set off and needless to say all I thought about all morning was my boy at the vet without me. I texted and called them many times… wondering what Butzer would say about the glands.

They waited and waited for Dr Butzer for hours and of course I am freaking out.

This time however was a case of Mommy’s hypochondriac nature as apparently Butzer could barely find his glands and said he was just probably fighting a cold!!! I thought for sure I could feel the glands in his neck and his hind legs but Butzer did not feel the glands in his legs at all. My guy and Butzer talked about possibly waiting and not doing the chemo, or to err on the side of caution and essentially catch the cancer early… bashing it down with chemo. That is when I got the call and they decided to go ahead with the chemo!!! NO WAY!!! I stopped that in it’s tracks. No way will I administer those hardcore chemicals unless absolutely necessary! So I had them NOT do that, give Cody antibiotics and send him home. Whew! This is why I need to be there!!!

Never again Cody… I promise I will always take you to the Dr myself because the stress that I went through NOT being there is NOT AT ALL worth it!

So… $90.50 cents later he had his nails cut, got to kiss Dr Butzer all over his face, get 50 100MG tablets of Doxycycline antibiotic and Neo Poly Dex Opthalmic drops for his eye. And we are watching his glands to make sure it is just a cold or his cancer making a comeback appearance.

And as of this cool and windy Sunday morning he has NO GLANDS that I can feel in his neck!!!

So the lesson here is that I guess the stress of another animal in the house makes all the animals get a bit of a reaction since I noticed that little Albert’s eyes are weepy too…

So… the moral of this story. Mommy is a hypochondriac when it comes to Cody and she should never let him go anywhere without her …. and she should have more faith in the power of love and healing vibes cause Cody is doing great! Tragedy averted!

Watching TV together... he loves his Mama


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 11, 2011.

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