Saturday It’s A Saturday It’s A Saturday…..

Well… Cody’s glands are back. I found them getting rather noticeable yesterday. At least they have the courtesy to show up on a weekend so that I can spend all Saturday morning in the vet’s exam room on the dirty floor with the boy…

I called Dr Butzer yesterday to try to get an appointment so that I was not a Walk-In today but the girl told me he was booked solid all the way through Tuesday. I asked her to have the Dr call me when he had a chance. So about 10pm last night Dr Butzer called. Yes, that is how wonderful he is… he is always on call and always available and always warm and honest. We talked about the glands and that they were not huge, but not going away with the antibiotic Cody has been on for the last week, so I would like to bring him in for a dose of chemo to get them back in check. He agreed and offered another added treatment, some pills that might prolong the time in between chemo doses. He said he used to use these pills prior to using the Madison Wisconsin treatment that Cody has already been through, and it had some success in keeping the cancer in check for longer. So instead of getting maybe two to two and half months out of one treatment maybe we could get about six! That is exciting to me since he ca only really do this treatment a few more times and then we are grasping for anything else that may work.

So I took him in today. We got there around 9am and were put right into a room, they know us so well. A technician came in and she happens to be the one I do not really like too much. She is the one, if you remember past posts, who wanted to give Cody a CBC test out of shear boredom one day when he had just had one the day prior… which would have cost ME $60. Regardless I am all about second chances so she came in, quite authoritative for a technician, and started to take his temperature, asking questions about what is going on and took him to get a CBC. His temp was normal, he weighs 61.5 lbs, and said the Dr would be in soon. Then she came back and said she was going to give Cody an IV. I asked her to do that in the room with us and when she came back in to insert the catheter she made a true mess of things. There was a LOT of blood and she seemed pretty unsteady… then she wrapped his arm so tight and with so much tape I was pretty horrified. Cody just sat there wagging his tail until the third round of tape then he tried to back up and get away from her. Can’t say I blame him.

Then she asked me if he got fluids before or during the treatment. Ok. This is where I have an issue. LOOK ON HIS CHART! Does it SAY he gets fluids? Are you just going to take my word for it? Don’t you have to look up how much fluid anyway?

Breathe Michelle… breathe….

So she administers an entire bag of fluid and Cody and I sit on the floor and wait for the drips… I am nervous about the IV catheter since I saw how it was put in… so I am monitoring.

Dr Butzer comes in with all the chemo, but he says that Cody’s CBC is concerning. His White cells are REALLY low. Like scary low. They are at 2.62! His reds and platelets are fine, but his whites are alarming. He starts to speculate that the cancer could possibly be moving or is in Cody’s bone marrow and that is why his glands are not that large but his whites are low. This basically scares the shit out of me. I ask about the course of action if that were the case… more chemo or ?

Ok one step at a time. We give Cody another CBC just to make sure and this one comes back relatively the same, but about a point higher. Butzer says this could be his machines and wants an accurate CBC from a lab, and to talk to a specialist. No chemo today since it would basically wipe out his white count and make him highly susceptible to every possible infection. So we decide to wait it out, get the test results and talk to a specialist about what it could mean and where to go from here.

Cody has not had chemo since early October, and a cold and antibiotics would not take his whites this low. He is obviously battling something.

I will keep you posted….

I got him home and we hung out, he is feeling fine and happy… so I took him running. It is his favorite thing on the planet and it makes him happy. And when he is happy… so am I.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Saturday It’s A Saturday It’s A Saturday…..”

  1. Hang in there Michelle, regardless of the outcome know that you have many many supporters that send their good strong vibes to you and Cody.

  2. Mim, he sounds like a such a great doctor! I hope you find solace in the fact that Cody (and you!) and in good hands :) Thinking of you. ~C

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