Merry Tuesday….

I talked to Dr Butzer on Monday night after he got the test results back from the lab regarding Cody’s more accurate CBC. They got better results but his whites are still low for no chemo for the last two months, however they feel they are high enough to give him the chemo and knock the cancer back again. Dr Butzer consults with a Dr Shapiro who is a specialist in cancer. The results the lab got were in the 4.7 range. So we talked about giving him the chemo and that this would basically kill off his whites for a while, making him highly susceptible to any and all infections. So I need to be extra cautious for the next month post treatment. That is fine… we are used to it. I ask him about any possible supplements going through all of the ones I already give him regularly: Tahitian Noni, Echinacea, Omega 3, CoQ10, Multivitamin, probiotics etc. he mentions an Immunoglobulin Therapy powder to add to his food once a day that could build up his whites, so I say I want to get that as well.

So Tuesday morning before work I took him in. It was a mad dash as I had just finished a painting of a kitten that needed to be shipped to Maryland and get there before Christmas as it is a gift.  I was running late as I had to take photos of the painting, then wrap it for shipping, label it and drop it off at UPS for 2 Day Air before going to the Vet.

So with Cody in the car we go to the UPS Store and it is CLOSED even though it says they are open at 8am!!!! It is about 8:50am. AAAAGGGHHHHH!!! Finally the guy shows up at about 9:05 and I get my receipt, then off to the vet and we got there about 9:15am. They get us into a room and the tech comes in, takes Cody for yet another CBC and then gets him set up for an IV. They start the IV and he gets 1000 CCs of fluid… it takes a while and we are sitting on the floor. He finishes the bag and the Dr has not come in yet. Usually the chemo is administered with the fluids and into the IV. So the tech comes back in and says the Dr is running behind and sets up another IV saying they will just give him a bit of it. I tell them I am going to take him to pee first… he must be bursting!

We go pee and then they set him back up with a very slow drip. Dr comes in and gives me the Immunoglobulin and gives him the usual: Dexamthasone, Benedryl, Pepcid, Regulan, Vitamins and the Doxyrubicin. He gave everything and saved the Doxy for last, and as soon as he hooked up that large pink fluid filled syringe, I saw Cody react. He cringed a bit, started to fidget and then started to back up. He never does this. I asked Dr Butzer “Do you think it burns as it goes in?” he said it probably does… and I was thinking that maybe they needed to increase the drip of the IV when it was already done. Damn…

Cody was clearly agitated and we were done so I hurried to get out of the checkout. While I am paying he is pacing and pulling. He NEVER does this. We finally get outside $376.10 later and he is pulling me across the parking lot. It is about 11:30am and I need to be at work at 1pm… and all I am thinking about is that Cody has had an enormous amount of fluids and will be locked in the house for hours while everyone is at work. It makes me really nervous. Not because I think he will pee all over the house, quite the opposite. I know he will hold it as long as he can until he is in pain and can not hold it any longer.

I get him home and he is crazed. I have never seen him like this. He is pacing constantly, will not sit down at all and I keep taking him out for the next hour every ten minutes and he pees like a racehorse. He is so wound up and antsy that I take him running with the ball across the street. I mean… it will get some of his pent up energy out and also get his blood flowing… so why not. He loves it and runs like crazy but I don’t let him go too long. We get back home and he is STILL Pacing. Now i am freaking out but I have to go. I worked out a good friend, actually Sheriff’s Dad, to come by and see Cody around 3pm to make sure he is ok…. so I feel a little bit better.

And so it was… the worst day of work of my life but we got through it. Cody was ok and I was glad to get home to him. Today he woke up VERY slowly and looks a little bit under the weather. I took him running around 8:50am and we saw Dr Butzer riding his bike by. He stopped and checked him out, noticed his glands were gone again and said he looked good even though his face looks a bit drawn. Great sign that he is playing and happy though. And eating. He is definitely eating!

So as I got ready for work my buddy followed me around the house and came in the bedroom while I showered and got dressed.


I am going to start Cody on the Leukeran pills in about a month and will talk more about this later after I research it a bit more. It is a chemotherapy drug and helps suppress his bone marrow, and may help keep the cancer at bay for a longer period in between large doses. We are hoping to slow down the growth and give him more time in between treatments since he can only get two more of these Doxy treatmenst safely. We’ll see… again I need to research it more. If you know anything about Leukeran I would be interested to know more. Please post here.

And we are off and running again! He is still happy and again… that is all that matters…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 21, 2011.

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