One Month In The Books…

It has been exactly one month that Cody has been on the Leukeran pills. He did pretty good all in all even though I did notice some side effects. Wouldn’t you have side effects if you were taking hardcore chemicals every other day for a month? It is so ridiculous all the things you read on the web and in these so called expert Dog Cancer books where they state that animals tolerate chemo very well with little to no side effects. Bullshit. Ok so maybe he does not lose all of his hair (although he does shed a lot) but I saw him react the very first day he took these pills. In his face, in his demeanor, in his energy level, the way he would get up after laying down for a while, how slowly he would wake up in the morning.

That being said I was about to take him in to see Butzer today to have a CBC done and to basically get his opinion of taking him off the Leukeran for a week. But I thought… why spend $150.00 to get confirmation of what I am going to do anyway? I am his Mama, and I am taking him off the Leukeran for a week so that he can regain his health and vitality so that when I take him CAMPING IN THE KEYS (!!!!!!) next weekend he can have a blast!!!!

Yes that’s right! I got a camping spot ON THE BEACH in Bahia Honda State Park for three nights and four days! Cody will be sleeping under the stars and enjoying the beach and…. I will be teaching him how to sit in the kayak with us as we paddle around the beautiful tropical waters of the Keys!

I wanted to make sure he felt his best for this trip. He has never been camping before and I know he will love it. I do not want him full of toxic chemicals the entire weekend and feeling bad, as this will wear him out even more than he would normally be worn out from such sensory overload.

So I have a call in to Butzer to see if he thinks Cody will be ok to start the Leukeran again after we get back. My only concern is that he may build an immunity to it and it will no longer work for him. But again… so be it. The most important thing for me with him is that he fully enjoys his life.

I do have some things to figure out though… I need to make sure that his feet don’t get too sore from walking on the rocks again like the last time we went to the Keys. His feet were just awful where he was limping quite a bit. Not sure if I need to find him padded socks or at the very least I will try to sweep the rocks out of our campsite for him and clear the grounds. I also know that the beach comes with the possibility of fleas… so I am bringing his Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus Shampoo to wash him off since he is not on Heartworm or any flea protection. He can’t take any of that with his immune system, it will make him sick.

Very exciting!!! I will be sure and take lots of pictures of the smiling boy for you all…. he is going to have a blast!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on February 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “One Month In The Books…”

  1. I hope everything works out; I would definitely check the internet for alternative healing for animals, and see what comes up:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Thank you. I am always open to alternative treatments and would love to know of anything you might recommend beyond his already organic homemade diet and supplements. I have been making his food for him for over a year now and giving him plenty of Omega 3, Tahitian Noni etc etc… it is all in the blog. He is doing incredibly well and has already surpassed my expectations. Makes me a happy Mama!

  2. His first camping trip! Cody will love camping!

    When mine know they’re going camping they run around the house whimpering in excitement and they pant and drool most of the way (it’s about seven hours, so they eventually fall asleep in the car. They pretty much think the car ride IS the event, so they’re not anxious to arrive, unlike us).

    The idea of Cody and his mom going camping makes me very happy. Just thinking about camping makes me happy on this cold wintery day in Canada. I’m so envious you can do it year round. Have a GREAT time in the Keys. The wilds are full of sticks and hoppy things and bugs – dogs love it! You will enjoy watching him soak it up. I’m so envious!


    • I am very excited too! But unlike your type of camping which is REAL camping and what I used to do when I lived in California and elsewhere, Florida camping is basically car camping on the beach. Which is absolutely fine and awesome – NOT AT ALL COMPLAINING. But not the same as being in the middle of nowhere which I miss. And just so you are not too jealous, we can only camp here in your winter time… basically November through March or maybe April… after that it is WAY too hot and humid… and mosquito hell!

      I will take lots of pics for you Alex…!!!

  3. Enjoy your trip. It is wonderful to hear Cody is doing great :)


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