Taking It’s Toll….

This last round of chemo on Tuesday really seems to have taken it’s toll on Cody. He just looks terrible… to me any way. I am Mom of course and notice it all. He looks incredibly thin, his face looks sunken, his eyes are deep and sad, and if a dog could look pale… he certainly does.











All that being said he is acting ok. He is eating fine and I am feeding him more to fatten him up a bit. I am giving him big scoops of natural organic peanut butter which he loves, and about four meals a day which he gulps down like it is Thanksgiving. So it is a great sign that he still has an appetite. He is still a ball of energy when he wants to play as well, although we have not been running every day since chemo. He just looks so incredibly thin. I guess the cats are noticing as well. Jimi has a habit of post chemo, hanging really close to Cody periodically, and smelling him. He gets in his face and smells his breath, his feet…  It creeps Cody out too, he gets up and walks away like “get out of my face Jimi”… but that does not deter him from doing it again when the opportunity presents itself. Jimi is now 13 and his breath leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t like it either!

The deal with this last round of chemo is that it is the second to last time he can get this dose, as it wears on his heart. And from the looks of him it seems to be wearing on his entire body. I feel terrible about it and will watch to see how and when and if he bounces back. He usually does but then again he has never looked like this before. And here is where I insert my mantra and my promise to him that as long as he is doing good I will continue his treatment. I will NOT prolong his life simply for my benefit… it is all about him and if he continues to feel good and enjoy life. So this is where I start to monitor him incredibly closely. I know when he feels badly and he does seem to not feel well right now. We’ll see. We are supposed to start the Leukeran on Tuesday again to try one last time to see if it prolongs the time in between treatments. I am not sure I will even give him his last dose of Doxyrubicin next time his glands swell because of the way he looks right now post treatment.

He has also been panting a lot more than usual. Yesterday I was hanging out with him in the back yard where I took the pictures above, and it was windy and not too hot… and he was out of breath. I took this photo below across the street with him while watching the sun set last night…

Anyway, we’ll see how he does. As I said I am monitoring him like crazy. I have also not given him any red meat in weeks and only cooking him the ground turkey thighs and veggies with flax and olive oil. Still on his vitamins and immunogobulin.



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Taking It’s Toll….”

  1. My heart goes out to you and Cody and i will continue to keep you both in my prayers

  2. Lots of hugs to both of you. They are amazing creatures, and I know he will impress you yet.

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