It’s Always Somethin’….

Well… just when I thought Cody was starting to rebound we get sidetracked. Let me back up a bit first… It has been about two weeks since he had the last Doxyrubicin treatment and as I said in my last post, he was looking worn. He still is but he is looking better than he was. His face still looks drawn and thin, and I can still see his ribs no matter how many times a day I give him peanut butter in between big meals. But he is looking better for sure.

He has been running almost every day and he looked so much improved that I started him on the Leukeran last Wednesday. He seems to be doing fine with it so far.This is him on the 12th running in the morning with the ball.

And now that I am looking at these pics I can see the beginnings of the ailment that this Saturday was ridiculously apparent…. and I feel like a bad Mommy. I should have noticed. I give myself a bit of a break though as i had a guest in town staying with me all week, my baby Cousin Jennifer on spring break. So I was a bit distracted. Regardless I noticed on Saturday what is a HUGE abscess-like growth on his right elbow—>


You can see the fluid from infection above his knee hanging over the sore. AWFUL!!! I noticed it as we were getting in the car to drive Jen to the airport on Saturday afternoon. Horrified I called Dr Butzer and took Cody in to see him in the early evening.

Butzer looked at it and said it could possibly be a tumor but he really thinks it is simply a hair follicle or duct of some kind that just got infected since his immune system is so compromised. Then he proceeded to squeeze it in front of me as I looked on holding Cody as he examined him. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I have a real issue with some things making me gag uncontrollably. I do not usually vomit from gross things, very very rarely. However there are some things like picking up warm poop in a baggie with my hands, smelling poop that has been freshly deposited, some cat puke, and now i can add to that list the squeezing of an infected duct on a dogs leg. It was absolutely disgusting. Suddenly like a zit all of these what looked like whiteheads started oozing in string like fashion. GROSS. Butzer is squeezing and squeezing and more is coming out and he just wipes it on his pant leg.

Even typing this I am starting to salivate like I am about to gag…

Anyway… he gave me some meds for Cody. A topical called Genisis Steroid Spray to apply 3-4 times a day to reduce swelling, and two antibiotics : Zeniquin at 50 mg to take twice a day until gone and he gave me ten, and Cephalexin at 500 mg to take twice a day until gone and he gave me 20.  This visit totaling $124.93.

I should do a grande total of the entire treatment since diagnosis again as it has been a while. I am kind of scared.

Anyway the swelling has gone down and the knee is looking a bit better. All these things worry me of course… are they signs of deterioration? I think the answer to that question is yes, but his quality of life is still great. He is a happy dog and he is always smiling.

Funny side note: I was at work the other day and a vet from NY came in with his wife. I mentioned Cody and his condition and the treatment so far, time since diagnosis and his reactions to certain drugs and the guy was amazed. He said it was nothing short of amazing that Cody was still alive and doing so well. He even hinted at one point that it could be possible that there was a misdiagnosis but I know that is not the case. But regardless, it was so great to talk to someone outside the circle who is knowledgeable and interested who also thought I had a bit of a miracle dog in my life. He thought the diet and the treatment were great and exactly how he would do it. He also mentioned a few other drugs that he would consider. I asked him to email me as he did not have a card on him so i gave him mine…. I have yet to hear from him. And even if I do not… I am so happy to have some confirmation that I am doing good and so is Cody!

And on yet another side note… I am considering a tattoo.

I already have one on my ankle… this would be my next. It is Cody’s paw print. I inked his paw the other night in hopes to get a good print. I am considering having it done on my calf… maybe my shoulder. Not quite sure yet, but I do want it. This experience has “scarred” me on the inside for sure… I would kind of like to wear it as a badge of courage on my body somewhere too.

Cheers on this post St. Patrick’s Day!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 18, 2012.

One Response to “It’s Always Somethin’….”

  1. I’m gagging right along with you. It was just like being there!

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