“It Looked Illegal…”

I have been waiting to write an update so I had more news and last week was  completely insane for me. I worked a full week at my retail job, taught some art classes, finished a  large painting in the evenings and when I was not painting I was scanning and tracing a portfolio of work into Illustrator to apply for a Digital Illustration job that came to my attention. This would be a dream job at salary, full benefits, stock options and CREATIVE! So I was up all hours of the night eyes red and puffy making sure to get my portfolio up to snuff. Needless to say I wanted it badly and worked my tail off.

It has been about ten days since Cody had the Asparaginase and it had little affect on his glands. They are smaller, but they are still there and very noticeable.  After about three days, I guess it was on Thursday afternoon I stopped  in after work, minus Cody, to see Dr Butzer. I went to pick up the Chinese herbs which were ready and we went through some other chemo options that he mentioned we could try. We discussed some drugs to look into like Mitoxantrone and Lomustine. He let me take some pictures of the book we were looking through so i could get the correct spelling.


Then he brought out the Chinese herbs. He handed me three  cough medicine bottles and I was a bit confused. I looked at them and all they said was White Crane. That is the company he got them from and clearly you could see they were already mixed, so I asked if they were all the same. He looked at me funny and said “well they came in one big bag and it looked so … illegal… that I scooped it into the three bottles for you”. I could not help but laugh! I told him there was no need to bother putting the next batch into bottles, I do not mind the bag and it is less wasteful.

So Cody has been on the herbs, two teaspoons full mixed in with his food at every meal which is twice a day. They seem to be mild as he eats it right down with no issues. But the glands are still there. The only “good” thing is that the lump, redness and swelling on his penis is gone.  Good meaning it is gone, bad meaning that it is in fact cancer which has clearly spread.  This makes me needless to say, very sad.

One day at a time…

So the weekend was rainy and we spent it inside watching the yard flood and watching Cody hide from the thunder. I sent off my resume and the portfolio to the company on Friday. Monday morning first thing my contact emailed me and told me an Illustrator had started that day and “I guess they filled the position”………….

So I was not even a contender. They had already hired someone when I was just applying. Nice. Thanks for wasting my time and my efforts. Not to mention getting my hopes up for nothing. Great. Well at least I have an outstanding portfolio at the ready just in case another illustration job comes up here in Florida, the Land of Unemployment. Right….

Being that it is just now ten days since the chemo treatment Cody is at his most vulnerable for infection and lowest immune system, so in another few days we can try another round of chemo. Maybe. I asked Dr Butzer to talk to his friend in NY who is a Canine Cancer specialist and see if it is ok at this point to keep toxifying him. I feel like I am pushing the limits of his health and happiness by constantly bombarding him with such hardcore drugs that are having little effect on the actual cancer, now that it is clear it has spread. Who knows where else in his body it is. The only good thing about that knowledge is that he is acting fine. He still eats well, poops solid, plays and has boundless energy. All normal Cody… which is why I am doing this in the first place.

And of course he is still my loving boy. We fell asleep one night last week like this… I was exhausted and he was… well… Cody.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on May 2, 2012.

2 Responses to ““It Looked Illegal…””

  1. this brought a tear to my eye today.

  2. Awww. love to Cody

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