Strange weekend of nerves from the entire household. I am not sure how but it seemed the cats knew what was happening or soon to happen and both cats were all over Cody all weekend.


I was meaning to write earlier to tell everyone that the surgery was postponed until this morning rather than on Memorial Day because Fed Ex was not picking up on the holiday. The tissue, meaning the lymph node needed to be expressed same day to the lab in Tampa and it was not possible to do that on the National Holiday.  Dr Butzer called me Sunday night to tell me that he had tried to schedule the pick up but it had to wait and so we rescheduled for today. He also told me that the price was more than what he originally told me as he confirmed with Veterinary Oncology all the costs. So rather than it being $1500 it would be $2000.00. He said that he would not charge me at all for the surgery or the anesthesia, none of his services at all… but would understand if I decided not to do it because the cost was more. Basically I thought it was going to be around that or more with his services included so I told him we would go ahead with it regardless.

So I took Cody in this morning at 9 am with his body harness leash instead of the regular collar since he will be sore around his neck, after a very restless night for Mommy. I had nightmares all night and would awaken to hear him breathing next to me with relief. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, it is very very rare to not be with Cody and to leave him for surgery was very nerve wracking for me today.

We got his CBC done and I asked them to cut his nails and drain his anal glands as they have been quite stinking lately. This is the second time I have asked them to do this (there is a previous post where I was present during this procedure for the first and last time) and I think this issue has to do with his chemo. The CBC came back ok, kind of low with his whites at 3.01, reds at 4.91 and platelets at 179.  So with all of that I left Cody in the hands of Dr Butzer himself and said see ya later (never goodbye!) and went to go busy myself with grocery shopping to keep my mind off what was happening. Of course that only lasted so long and after dropping the groceries off at home and starting a load of laundry I went back to Clint Moore. It had been about an hour and he was out of surgery, but still waking up. The next thirty minutes were honestly the longest of my entire life. I sat in the waiting room placing my business cards in all kinds of strategic spots all over the office, front desk, checkout, bulletin boards and waiting area. Can’t hurt right?

Then they called me into a room and after another grueling ten minutes they finally brought him in all weepy eyed and wagging his tail. As dopey as he seemed he was lovey and happy and excited to see me. Kisses for everyone!!!!You can see under his neck the shaved area, the incision and the stitches. Doc told me that all the girls in the office were spoiling him and held him in their arms as he woke up, making sure he was ok. THIS is why I love this place and trust them so much.


Dr Butzer said it was a complete success, he took both of the right side lymph nodes out and he even showed them to me (I asked to see them). I asked if he could tell visually that they are diseased, and he said yes that you can see the grey tissue in them. Then he brought the jar in to show me. These pics below are not very clear, damn iPhone. But you can see in the second one the greyish tissue.


Dr Butzer, true to his word charged me NOTHING AT ALL for today. Everything was zeroed out on the bill:

So I asked to pay the $2000.00 now instead of waiting for the bills to roll in, simply because I did not want payment to hinder treatment. Thank you American Express… So after paying the bill i got Cody in the car and we are now home for the rest of the day… chilling out and sleeping. He ate a nice meal, had some yummy peanut butter too and drank a ton of water. I put a clean sheet over his dog bed to cut down on the hair and whatever else may be on his bed, to keep his incision clean. Whew… Mommy is totally relieved!

So now we wait about a week or so for the vaccine to be made and we see what happens. Butzer says they will send us a series of shots and Cody should get one about once a week. And we will hope for the best! I love the idea of this treatment and i hope we see great results with it. If you have not read what it does, basically it takes the cancer cells and marks them with a strep bacteria so that once administered to his body again, his own immune system fights the strep cancer cells… basically killing the cancer on it’s own. It is non-toxic and every exciting to me. Cody and I made a pact this weekend… we are going to kick this and we are going to be together for another 7 years! This is going to work… simply because he does not want to go anywhere!

And there you have it! I will keep you all posted on the progress and his healing. i am a bit concerned about infection and we have him on antibiotics… and of course I will be monitoring like a hawk.

And please, if you can donate anything towards this new treatment cost it would be much appreciated, it has been tough these last couple months with his treatments and few hours i am getting at work… or better yet! ORDER A PAINTING!!!!! Every little bit helps!

There is no giving up in this household!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on May 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Success!”

  1. It was good to read that the surgery went well! Congratulations to you all, I hope the process continues to go well!

  2. We are so happy for you both !!!

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