Patience Is Not My Best Attribute…

It will be a week tomorrow that Cody got his lymph node removed. He is still pretty swollen at the incision site and it is still gruesome looking, but of course he has no idea how I cringe when he lays on my bare leg and I feel the stitches. He is not scratching it as much as I thought he would either which is surprising, as I can see his hair growing back. It would itch me that’s for sure. Other things more alarming that I am noticing are that he has a rash on his belly, the same rash he always has except that the spots are darker than I remember, and his penis is swollen again. I can see the lump in the base of it and when his “lipstick” appears it is horrifyingly dark red/purple/black on the very tip. It looks painful….

We can not get this damn vaccine fast enough.

The good news is the only reason I have seen this issue is because i took him running with the ball yesterday and he was LOVING it!!! He is a ball of energy since he has not been running in a week because of his surgery so he was a happy boy yesterday… all tongue hanging out and prancing around like a healthy dog! Makes me happy…

Dr Butzer and I are playing phone tag right now. I left him a message on Sunday asking about the swollen area of the incision and if it is normal that it is still pretty inflamed. I also asked if he had heard from Veterinary Oncology about the lymph node, they received it ok and when we can expect the vaccine.  He called back and left me a message (yes he works seven days a week- he is that awesome) and said that the swolleness (not sure if that is a word but it is now) is normal, and the lab got the lymph nodes and they were perfect, they got great cell counts out of them and we should have the first round of vaccine by Thursday. I am not sure I understood correctly but Cody gets one shot TWICE a week I think… so we will need to make time for that each week… which is fine.

I am praying that this works. I have great hope in new science and treatments that are NOT chemotherapy. Chemo has been in use for over 50 years and have never CURED this, it just prolongs the inevitable and makes the dog toxic. I don’t know stats for humans but people get surgeries and then treatments and have much better results than animals do. I also think lymphoma in dogs is way more aggressive than it is for humans. Cody’s cancer is incredibly aggressive. I have never hated anything more intensely… and I never throw that word around lightly.

So I am planning on taking him to see the Doc on Thursday afternoon after work if the vaccine is there… and we’ll see how it goes. It is very exciting and scary at the same time since I know that from the time I see physical signs of his cancer like swollen lymph nodes, the clock is ticking. Six to eight weeks is the time from from diagnosis and if left untreated… death. Scary stuff…

Cody’s seventh birthday is July 15th… I am planning on celebrating with him…. so please send your good karma, vibes, prayers, energy or whatever you can muster our way. And hopefully we will be pioneers in a new form of treatment for this horrible disease!

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 4, 2012.

One Response to “Patience Is Not My Best Attribute…”

  1. My dogs and I are sending Happy Birthday wishes and positive vibes to you and yours! :)

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