Tick Tock Tick Tock…

As I have mentioned before it is not lost on me that the clock is ticking away at the time line of Cody’s cancer growth. It has been weeks, almost a month since his last dose of Doxyrubicin and since that had little effect I am concerned where and how fast the cancer in him is spreading. The vaccine is in him too which has no definitive side effects to watch for it working so it is hard to say what exactly is going on in that body of his. His nodes could get bigger or smaller in reaction to the vaccine. They seem to be getting bigger in some areas and smaller in others.

His lymph nodes are swollen but his back legs are bigger than his neck or chest… however the one in his penis is now huge. HUGE! It is awful looking. It is scary that it is there and could affect his ability to urinate. I have no idea what happens if he can’t urinate but I do know that it can not be good. So after watching it grow to the size of a small lime, and get rounder and rounder as the days go by with no reduction or reaction from the Genesis spray, I took him to see Butzer yesterday afternoon.

What a crazy day off I had yesterday. I went for a bike ride in the morning to get out and enjoy the cooler start of the day only to get a flat tire on my bike and walk it home. Then off to Florida Atlantic University to buy my books and get my school ID for my class that begins on the 25th, which I am very excited about! The highlight was a massage that I have needed for weeks, then back to clean the house and then take Cody to the vet for two hours since I did not have an appointment. All that stress relief I got from the massage tapered away as I sat on the hard bench for 120 minutes. I had to get this done yesterday since I am working all day today and need to take him BACK to Butzer for his second vaccine shot during my lunch break this afternoon. Since I am short on time today I wanted to get his stitches out yesterday and get something for his penis.

They took a CBC yesterday and his counts are all great. Whites are 7.40, reds are 5.91 and platelets are 167. They took out the stitches and then we decided to try the CeeNU to take down the penis growth. It is hopefully going to do just that and I will feel better about again giving him toxic drugs while trying this new vaccine. I really wanted to just let the vaccine do it’s thing, but it seems I did not really have a choice, I do not want the penis growth to get out of hand. So we administered 80 mgs (eight pills) of CeeNU in his food last night and this morning there is no change in the growth at all. If this does work at all he will get another dose in approximately 21 days. At that time his cell counts and immunity will be at their lowest as this drug stays in his system for a while. I added some powdered spirulina to his food regimen and am trying like crazy to get another batch of the Immunoglobulin that is really good for him but the place I get it has been out for weeks. I may have to resort to online ordering.

So today in a rush job we go back to Butzer and get the second round of vaccine and hope that the combination of this and that will take effect and give him more time with me. He seems to be acting fine but he always does… it is just so hard to tell if anything is bothering him. he has such a playful and loving demeanor all the time… I even took him running with the ball yesterday morning and he loved it like always.

My sweet handsome boy….

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 14, 2012.

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