I really should just bring a sleeping bag to Clint Moore.

After a whirlwind crazy day of work and then a mad dash to the vet to get Cody his vaccine yesterday during my lunch break, getting home with feet sore and swollen from standing for almost 12 hours straight…. I sat down on the couch and the boy came up to lay next to me. As he rolls over to let me rub his belly I notice his penis growth is absolutely huge. Bigger than yesterday. So I touch it to see how swollen it actually is and for the first time since I noticed it Cody reacted. It was not necessarily a wince, but he lifted his head up to look at my hand and at me like “yeah that sucks”…

When I took Cody to get his vaccine yesterday it was what Clint Moore calls an “Express” where they take him right to the back and I stay in the waiting room, and Butzer gives him the vaccine without me there. It had to be that way as they did not have a room or anything for me. So I told the tech to ask Doc to possibly, since it is a Derma shot, to shoot him near his penis so that maybe the cells there will get some attention. Not sure if it works like that but what could it hurt?

So after getting home and having the above incident with Cody, I called Doc. He took my call right away and I asked if he had noticed how swollen the penis growth looked and he said he was concerned. And before I could get it out of my mouth he said we should try a derivative of Prednisone since Cody can not take Pred, it makes him very ill. At least it did that very first weekend after his diagnosis with puking and diarrhea all weekend. So he said he would fill a prescription right then and I could come get it and start him on it immediately.

So I dragged my swollen feet to the car and for the second time that day I went to the vet to get his meds. Butzer actually got the Immunoglobulin as well so it was a win win! I gave Cody his first Medrol last night in peanut butter which he absolutely loves and I THINK the swelling went down a fraction this morning. He just now got his second dose and some Immunoglobulin powder, spirulina and vitamins with his food and a boiled egg.

Not spoiled.

I am concerned as I am working all day again that he may have a reaction and possibly get sick but I am hoping for the best and will keep you all posted.

Send out some good vibes to Cody’s wee wee that it gets better! ;)

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Medrol…”

  1. Good vibes, Cody! I’ll bet that hurts…I’m sitting here squirming just thinking about it. Let’s hope he handles the pseudo-pred better than the original. (It never freakin’ stops?!, does it?). Have a good one.

  2. I greatly respect and admire your courage and dedication to Cody. I wish all dog parents were as caring and loving as you are! you deserve these blog awards more than i do. here’s my post about it.

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