Deep In The Valley…

Cody is not doing well. At all.

Monday afternoon he started to look truly ill, and by evening he was down for the count. His breathing was labored and he still ate dinner, but he looked terrible. His breathing has been labored since he started the Medrol. We stopped that.

Tuesday was horrific. He would not walk, eat, drink, even pick up his head. I started my class Tuesday morning, my first college class in over 20 years and my heart was just not in it to leave him. I truly thought it was the end… and i was contemplating playing god. As you all know that is my worst fear… to have to make that decision. But as I played that thought in my head over and over I remembered the conversation last Thursday that I had with Steven Hazell about not giving up too soon, since there are going to be peaks and valleys. I am holding on to the thought that this is just a valley and that we will get to the other side of it soon.

I went right from school to work yesterday and was heartsick over how he was doing. My guy decided to leave work in the afternoon to come and sit with him so I was relieved that the boy had company. I got off work and when I got home Cody did not move, no tail wag, no interest that i was coming in the door or that I was home. I had called Clint Moore earlier in the day and said I would bring Cody to see Doc around 6:30… but try as I might he would not move.

Cody’s feet looked curled and they were VERY cold… I almost thought it was paralysis… so I left him where he was on the floor and went to see Doc myself. I told him what was going on and he is very concerned. I got three bags of IV fluids with a shot of vitamins in them and the needles etc to administer it myself, grabbed a pizza and headed home. I gave Cody half a bag as soon as I got home and it truly helped! I saw his eyes get clearer and his face started to look much better. Miracle fluids…

So I picked him up off the tile floor where he laid all day long and put him on his dog bed, and drug him into the living room where he stayed for a while. At one point with tennis ball in hand I got him riled up enough to go outside and pee. He can barely walk but if I massage his feet a bit he seems to feel more steady in getting on them. He is so unsteady however that I must walk right next to him and keep him away from objects so he does not bump into them. Needless to say we are peeing out the front yard and not at all even chancing the walk around the pool!

This morning after a night’s sleep he would not even get up at all. No pee, no food… he did however allow me to give him some water from his dish when I stuck it under his nose. It is a good sign that he is drinking on his own. However I have noticed that his pee is VERY dark. I had to work this morning very early and my guy stayed with him until I got home. Now i am home and I gave him the other half of the IV of fluid, and rallied him again with the tennis ball to the front yard where he peed again very dark, and took a nice healthy poop. Well… healthy meaning it was a lot… just not too solid. Poop is poop though and everyone feels better after a good one.

Now he is on his dog bed and snoring. It absolutely exhausts him to walk at all and he pants heavily with any effort at all. Some other concerning symptoms are the red streaks on his belly and around his penis. I have never seen anything like that before and have no idea what it could be. His penis is swollen and there seems to be a dark yellow discharge. It could be dehydration but we’ll see. The other issue is still the hemorrhoid as well… his feet remain very cold and he has no appetite at all.

I am no veterinarian, but a few things make sense to me. First clearly he does not do well on any steroid and he has been off Medrol since Monday morning, that was his last dose. Second he had the CeeNu pills and they are about thier lowest immunity point right now… so maybe he is just low because of that. Beyond that since his immunity is so low right now and we are giving him a vaccine with a strep bacteria in it that is supposed to kick in his immune system… if he had one… does he have anything to combat the strep? Maybe he is feeling that sickness too?

Too much all at once!

So he is on absolutely nothing right now except fluids and vitamins and I am not sure what to do about his vaccine tomorrow.

I hate playing doctor, and god, and parent…. I am overwhelmed. Not to mention heart broken that he is so ill and I have no idea what this is. Is this the end?

I am not ready!

Not that I will ever be. But we were doing so good and had so much hope. I am holding out for a while longer and hoping to see signs of turning a corner… but if he remains in this state or gets worse… this is no way to live. This is suffering and I refuse to let it go on too long. He is too loved for that.

Please send your good healing vibes, prayers and love his way… he needs it.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Deep In The Valley…”

  1. I’m so very sorry my prayers r with you ..

  2. All the best organic Northern vibes are being sent right now – I found an open channel! And even prayers, which I don’t normally do, but tonight I will before my bed, which is soon. And then some more for you, Michelle, as Cody’s fiercest advocate and mom and all those other things you are to him, which is simply the best a dog could have. I think you’ve challenged us all to be better pet-parents with your openness and warmth.
    Hugs Kisses Prayers Vibes Positive Energies Chants Incantations – hell, all I’ve got are on your way, Cody!

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