Safe Travels My Sweet Baby Boy…


Tonight at 7:22pm Cody crossed over to that wonderful tennis ball filled field in the sky. He was surrounded by loved ones, friends and tons of love… And he went peacefully and blissfully as it should have been.

That is all I will say for now as I am a complete and utter mess. As much as it was needed and he was ready it was still honestly the most difficult and painful thing I have ever done. And it really has not quite sunk in yet.

My heart and my house are incredibly empty right now… And I think I simply need to finish this glass of wine and go rest my very swollen eyes…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 29, 2012.

18 Responses to “Safe Travels My Sweet Baby Boy…”

  1. I am crying with you. I hate what this dreadful cancer has done to our boys. Sleep peacefully. You did everything you possibly could for Cody. Inevitably the time will come. So very sad. I hope I can do the same as gracefully for my Casey.

  2. Oh my dear I’m so very very sorry. He knew how much you love him and how so many of us who have stood by your side thru this journey loved him as well. I know it’s the hardest thing you probley will ever have to do in your life and although I did not know you personally I felt like I did. He is now without pain and free but will be in your heart forever.. Rip Cody you put up such a brave fight god bless you:(<3

  3. So very sorry for your loss, Michelle. I know the incredible pain you’re feeling right now, but in time it will fade. Take comfort that you did everything you possibly could for him. He’ll always be with you, and you’ll both be in my prayers.

  4. I hope you get better soon! I know the feeling….. Yesterday, I found a little box with some hairs of my dog (she also died from Cancer)… its so sad, but you did everything you could to save him!

  5. So sorry Michelle :( they really are our best friends, our children and our everything. He had a good life with you no doubt, and you did everything you could for him. And extended his life as much as possible. He’s at rest now, no more suffering, and will live on in your memories. I know it’s small condolence but he would want you to be happy, he obviously loved you!

  6. I am incredibly sad with you. No doggie ever had a more dedicated caretaker. You’ve been an inspiration. Please get the rest you richly deserve. Your love and dedication have transcended borders. Now I have to go hug my own; I never know when they could be taken from me, or me from them.

    Peace and Love,

    Alex, Dwight, Ursa and Boris

  7. Michelle, You loved that boy so deeply. You gave him every chance possible. He will be a part of you always, and after the tears, well, someday you will be able to look on the wonderful life you had together. I personally believe we will see our loved ones again, including your Cody and my little Glory, a quaker parrot who died in 2000, after a long bout with the vet. Will be thinking of you and yes, praying you will have the peace you deserve.
    Always remembering chris

  8. ((((Michelle)))) warm hugs to you. Mourn well. I know your spirit, your heart, and strength as well. You already know what Cody’s sweet purpose was for you; and for the two of you for always. Here’s a wonderful site to visit :
    This Lady is an Angel of the Animal Kingdom, as well as animal communicator. Please know We all hurt for you and send love & peace.
    Martha & Bear

  9. I am so sorry I don’t know much about blogging until recently. I had left a message on one of your Leukeran blogs not even knowing your Precious Cody had passed away in June just a few days before my Birthday. My heart goes out to you. I myself will be put in the same situation my Kuma is on Leukeran now seems to be doing well so far. But I stay up all night looking for blogs like yours to help me get through all this.
    Best regards,
    Kuma and Joann

    • I am just now getting to this blog on my computer as opposed to the app on my phone, so sorry for the delayed response!

      Please, no worries at all about the prior post, I figured you just came upon the one entry. I am so sorry you are going the ordeal of cancer in your baby… it is a tough road and there is a lot to think about and make sense of. If you have any questions at all, want to vent or need some help in any way please feel free to contact me any time.

      Hugs to you and your Kuma!

  10. Reading all your blogs about Cody tonight again. Kuma was off Leukeran 21 days but my oncologist and I decided to try it again for 2 weeks. The tumor on his tongue has grown larger but no signs of metastasis yet. But this is when I get heady to quote you. He seems to get very lethargic and drools a lot more when he is on this medication. I don’t know if I am doing good for him or just prolonging and making him uncomfortable in his end days:( All this preemptive grieving is killing me:( However on a positive note his appetite is still very good:)

    My thoughts are with you and Cody in that tennis ball field in the sky.
    Kuma and Joann

  11. Hi Kuma and Joann,

    It really is a tough call when they can not tell you how they feel. My big road signs with Cody were if he was still playful, interested and happy. And of course eating and drinking. But as long as he seemed as though he still wanted to be here, we kept going. In fact the day before he passed I uploaded a video of him on his dog bed tossing the ball back and forth to me. He was still with me even 24 hours before he left. That was also what Dr Butzer mentioned, that it was clear he was not done yet.

    Keep that in mind and let Kuma tell you what to do. You will know… you are Mom and you really do know. Just trust yourself!

    Hang in there!


  12. Hi M or gowiggle,
    My precious Kuma crossed over today to the great tennis ball field in the sky today at 6:30 pm 08/09/2012 to meet with Cody. The cancer finally took him over. I don’t have much to say at this moment because I am so distraught at the moment.
    Kuma and Joann

    • Hi Joann,

      There are no words are there? It is devastating and empty and incredibly sad. Trust me i know. But take comfort that they are no longer suffering or in pain or in need of to ic chemicals to keep them functioning….

      They are playing in that huge green tennis ball filled field together waiting for us to get there someday and throw the ball for them endlessly….

      Hang in there!



  13. Well Michelle I just finished reading your whole blog from beginning to end. What you and Cody went through was amazing and so so touching. You loved him so much and you gave him a wonderful life. I sure do miss my Kuma and your story of Cody really helped me get through a lot these past days. It made me realize it really was all worth it.
    Take care

  14. […] any longer. I remember it all. All the details. I will never forget it. And I have yet to dig up that blog entry and read it again… not quite ready. Maybe Saturday morning with coffee in hand I will attempt […]

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