Nameless In Florida…


Well I did it! I adopted myself a brand-new little man who just hit the lottery. He is an all black Labrador mix, and I think he’s mixed with pitbull. It’s really hard to tell because he’s only two months and eight days old. I have been scouring rescue websites daily looking for any rescue that was still a puppy-. I had the cats to consider so I wanted to make sure that I had something that I could allow to adjust well.

So I found this website called and looked every single day for the last two months. So many dogs need rescue. Many of the older dog stories really break my heart, i just cannot fathom giving up a part of your family that has been with you a decade. This wasn’t the only website that I looked at either, I found many others that I scoured daily. It seemed every time I found a puppy that needed rescuing they were gone immediately before I could get there. It just wasn’t meant to be I guess.

And then i saw “Rowan” and all his brothers and sisters. The entire litter was abandoned at three weeks old to a shelter. The rescue that took them in is called LuvAPet and they are based in Royal Palm Beach. I not only saw this one and all his brothers and sisters but a 12.5-year-old purebred Labrador named Kelsey that broke my heart. How can someone give up an animal that they had for 12 1/2 years? So I inquired about both of them. I really felt that I could give Kelsey a good rest of his life to make up for whatever bad happened prior.

So I inquired and waited to hear, and Debbie got back to me right away. She was the quickest and most responsive of any of the pet organizations that I contacted about puppies or dogs in general. She told me all about Rowan and said that Kelsey’s foster mom would call me too. Which she did right away. Kelsey apparently comes with a dachsund who is also now 13 years old and they had been left outside for a year drinking dirty pondwater and totally neglected. She did not want them to be separated since they’ve been with each other their entire lives. I told her that I totally get it, but I couldn’t take three dogs in. Two I could handle, but three is a little much for me right now going from nothing. She assured me that the two of them are very happy in her home and that she would be even happier to keep them the rest of their lives so no worries. That is how wonderful dog people are!

So I made an appointment with Debbie to go last night up to Royal Palm Beach and meet the little guy. It was love at first sight and he is now home with me!

It’s crazy to have a puppy again. It makes me realize how amazing Cody was. I put in a lot of work with Cody and he became a wonderful well behaved sweet sweet boy. Puppies are a vastly clean slate and this one is very much that. He is pretty well mannered, but he’s in total bite and chew mode, and he’s barking at the cats. I kind of think it’s funny.

He’s at times is very high-energy, he has a pretty curly tail which makes me think he’s got the pit in him, and he’s got a weird ridge down his forehead. His ears are a little perkier than floppy which makes me think of the pit too, but he still very young so it’s really hard to tell. The rescue didn’t know what he was mixed with. I also know from talking to a bunch of rescues the last couple of months that when they don’t know what dog is they call it a Labrador.

So we had a good first night, he came in and played and I gave him a bunch of toys and he slept in the bed right next to me soundly almost all night. He started farting about 3 AM so I took him out and he took a nice big poop and went right back to bed with me. So cute!

So I’ve officially started the next chapter. I’m not sure I’m done yet either, I might just have to rescue an older dog to give this one a little bit of training. Another rescue agency that I’ve worked with with my painting, just took in an 11-year-old golden retriever that sounds like she needs a good home. So I’ll keep you all posted…

More to come I’m sure…. And if you have any suggestions for names I’m in the market. “Rowan” is not staying. I have a pretty good list going which includes but is not limited to Roscoe, Norman, Satchmo, Miles, Jackson, Leo and the list goes on…



~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “Nameless In Florida…”

  1. Omg he’s adorable !! Welcome back can’t wait to start reading again:)

  2. Congrats he is adorable! Good to see you are back. Its still to early for me since Kuma passed. But I have started to baby sit my neighbors bull dog to keep in company from time to time.

  3. I’m SO HAPPY for you. I really wanted you to do this, but I knew you had to move at your own pace and be ready for a new addition to your family. Cody would have wanted his mummy to be happy, after all, and it sounds like a good start. The older dogs break my heart too. I’m always wondering how things got to this; puppies start out full of promise and some find good homes and others are sitting in shelters at six or eight and the odds aren’t so good. I’d like my next dog to be a mature one, but things change and sometimes circumstance piles up to take you down a different road. Anyway, yadda yadda. He’s gorgeous, whatever he is, and Iike Renee said, I can’t wait to come back for update. And pictures! And it would be nice to see a picture of you with him so we get to see you happy too! xo Alex

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