Eat, Play, Sleep….

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I sincerely hope that you all have something if not many things to be thankful for this holiday. I am incredibly thankful this year. I am thankful for my beautiful home, my family, my friends, gainful employment at last (i just got an amazing new job!), my cats Jimi and Albert who are healthy and happy and a bit crazy, i am thankful that this year i spent half of it with Cody and he was happy, and that he crossed over with such love around him. And today I am especially thankful for this sweet little man sleeping on my lap as i type this on my phone.


Oscar is a sweet, happy, affectionate and incredibly smart boy. We are working on potty training and the puppy biting, but he seems to be mastering “sit” right away! He seems to have just two modes, stop and go! It’s more like sleep and holy terror. He is definitely teething and it’s pretty painful. It’s all about as soon as he wakes up finding something to shove in his mouth that is not my hand. He’s curious and adorable, he’s learning to walk on the leash pretty good whereas the first day he was stubborn tug of war and wouldn’t move. It was all just pulling him down the street until he found something interesting enough to start walking on his own.



So he is either full speed ahead or passed out cold on me… Which I absolutely love of course. His sweet puppy heartbeat makes me melt.



I took him to the vet for the first time yesterday, we got a free vet pass from the adoption agency. It was a far drive to this vet which is fine since he has hookworms, they cut his nails, and he has a staph infection on his belly which I got antibiotics for all for free. He’s due for a booster shot and another deworming on December 11, he’ll see Dr. Butzer for that. The staph infection I think makes him very itchy and flaky so he’s constantly scratching and biting himself which I’m trying to keep him from doing that so he does not tear himself apart. Staph infections remind me of Cody, not good memories either but at least I recognize what it is a know how to treat it.

Otherwise the new addition to the family is doing very well, adjusting well to the cats who are now getting used to him and interacting, and he seems like a very happy boy. While we were at the vet yesterday, in the waiting room there was a puppy who looked exactly like Oscar. We realized after talking to the owner that it was in fact Oscar’s brother who was adopted on Monday from Luvapet. Finnigan was a little bit beefier and bigger than Oscar, with different coloring. The owner said that the person who fostered Finnigan said it was a Labrador Boxer mix. I guess we’ll see what he starts to look like as he gets older. Oscar looks more Labrador to me but that could be wishful thinking.


Regardless of what he is, my heart is full and happy and thankful to have a dog in my life again. I’m not sure I mentioned this prior, but after Cody passed someone gave me a gift from a company called 4pawsforever which planted a tree in Cody’s name at Mount Shasta in California and then sent me a windchime with his name on it that’s hanging at the front door. Every time i hear it chime i think of Cody.


Well it has actually been absolutely crazy windy the last couple of days and with all the windows open and the little man running all over the house the windchime is very present. Somehow I think Cody approves…




~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 22, 2012.

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