Wow… I am exhausted. I completely forgot how exhausting having a puppy can be. Although it is fun, I have to admit, and Oscar is a smart cookie. He is really curious and very attentive. He wants to see what I am up to and listens as much as his little puppy brain will let him before the whirlwind of crazy overcomes his lil body.

I am also trying to wear him out too. I know exercise is important and he is still a puppy so there is only so much I can do. At times he just does not want to walk on the leash and i have to pick him up for walks. But then other times he will run top speed next to me down the bike path. I am trying to make him mentally tired as well teaching him to play ball with me. Come, sit, see the ball, READY?, go get it!!! Bring it here, drop it… GOOD BOY!!!! He gets it for a bit but then loses interest quickly and starts to bite…

He is a whirlwind. I have started to do regular research on curbing mouthing and biting. I have broken wounds all over my hands from his baby shark teeth. He is also at times very aggressive, coming at me with his biting, growling and barking in my face when I tell him “No!” It is interesting to watch him try to pull rank. And I can tell that is what he is doing. Trying to dominate Mommy… ha! Please. As soon as I get frustrated he feels it and gets more aggressive. If I walk away and ignore him he backs down. That is key. Keeping my emotions in check. It is a lesson in patience too because he definitely hurts when he bites. But when I am in the zone and remember that I am pack leader… he calms right down. This stuff does work.


But then he balances all that crazy with the sweetest of love. He is a cuddle monkey and loves his Mama. He needs to be sitting on or near me constantly. He has serious separation anxiety and gets very upset if I leave the room for any reason. I have busted out the crate from Cody and blocked off half of it to make it smaller (it is huge), put a doggie bed in there and am trying to crate/potty train him. He has a very small bladder and has christened my carpet more than a few times already. He does NOT like the crate. Even with the coaxing of treats he gets very upset as soon as the door closes. Wow the neighbors must think I am awful! But to be honest I think the crate and the whining hurt me more than him.

But as I said he is smart and he is responding well. Sometimes I have to put myself in check and remember it has been just a little over a week that he has been here! In that perspective he is learning quickly. He has been really getting “sit” and I am training him to eat slower. He was ravenous at first so I actually have to feed him almost by hand in small increments in his bowl making him sit before I allow him to get that face in there. He gobbles so fast he gets the hiccups constantly.

I am also training myself with all of this. I guess it all being on the heels of Cody I need to let go of some things. I have a horrible habit of feeling Oscar’s glands. I find myself pinching around his neck and hind legs totally subconsciously. I need to try to let that go. I also keep comparing how Cody was to Oscar. “Cody never did that”… “Cody took to the tennis ball right away”… “Cody loved baths”… It makes me miss Cody terribly. I have found myself getting upset a few times thinking about him… only to get Oscar kisses and know it is ok.

I guess it is all part of the process, and normal. There is no time limit or guide book on grieving or healing and I know that.


I am very excited about some things though… like taking Oscar everywhere Cody could not go with his cancer and his depleted immune system. I want to take Oscar everywhere. Camping, the Keys, kayaking, dog park, beach, socializing, road trips… Cody was cheated very early in life and I want to make sure that this one gets a well rounded education and experience.

So onward with the potty training and curbing of the biting… baby steps!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Puppies…”

  1. Ahhh. But these are good problems, huh? They’re a challenge but worth every minute. You sound happy, which is nice.

  2. Alex he is getting better every single day. He is listening to me and responsive, he sits and stops biting when I tell him to. He is very smart and I can see my efforts paying off already! Amazing…

    I still owe you a physical letter… I know I don’t OWE it… I have wanted to send it for months now. Your card after Cody passed was such a sweet and warm surprise… you really made me smile throughout. Thank you.

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