Let Them Eat Poop!


I know that this is “normal” behavior called Coprophagy. I have read countless articles on this issue in the past two weeks or so. My dog has a serious issue with this. It is a habit that needs to be broken and I am basically open to anything that will break it. It does not make it ANY less disgusting and harsh to deal with. Like this morning…

I start the coffee and then spent about 20 minutes walking the front and back yard with the pooper scooper and a plastic bag picking up turds galore from just yesterday. He is a playdough fun factory let me tell ya! It barely has time to digest before it is on the way out. So I think I got it all, I am a hawk eye when it comes to this because I know that as soon as I take him out Little Nose is searching the ground for any signs of turds to consume. And everything else for that matter. Wood, glass shards, rocks, sticks, leaves, palm tree kernels… you name it he eats it.

So i finish. I wash my hands as I seem to do 8 million times a day until they are raw and cracking… and take him out to do his business after he eats. I think we were out there MAYBE three minutes when I see him gobbling up something like he has not eaten in weeks. I instinctively grab for his mouth and pull a sopping wet turd covered wad of grass out of his mouth which ends up all over my left hand! OH THE HORROR!!! and then to pry open his mouth and see the shit, literally the shit, smeared over his tongue, the roof of his mouth, in his teeth and lips… the gag reflex started immediately. I have very little tolerance for poop. This was my threshold.

So I get the monster inside. I wipe his mouth out with a paper towel and put him in the crate that I truly assumed I did not need but has come in quite handy to save my sanity. And then I try to wash it off my hands.


No amount of  scented dish soap can remove the smell of feces from my fingers! I need serious chemicals and all I seem to have in the house is green and not strong enough! Oh damn my hippie ways!!! And I have not even had more than two sips of my coffee yet this morning!!!! This is just so wrong in so many ways!!!

I was watching this documentary one night on the punk scene in California and how all the musicians are getting older, having kids and “settling down” in their own punk style.  The movie is called The Other F Word (meaning FATHER) and it is greatness.  I remember all these bands and one of the funniest scenes that I still laugh about was Jim Lindberg from Pennywise walking around his yard with a bottle of Hot Sauce (Tabasco) and saying how his neighbors must think he is a nutjob out here putting hot sauce on turds. This is a method of curbing this exact issue!!!

I do not think he is that crazy now!

The poop eating really affects the way I see puppy kisses too. I mean look at this face… how can ya not want to kiss this face?

Photo 2

Now imagine it with poop all over it… ugh…

Now don’t get me wrong. He is sweet and adorable and lovey… as I sit here working during the day this is what I look at…

Photo 3

He is a Mama’s boy and needs to be right next to me all the time and I am not complaining. He sleeps with me every night and is a cuddly lil bear… (he actually fell off the bed last night while sound asleep which scared me to death, but he was unhurt and went right back to sleep)

Photo 1

But the poop eating has to stop. I can’t handle it. I can handle peeing in the house, biting, chasing the cats (which is the other thing he is doing), destroying the trash can and the toilet paper… but the poop eating…

He goes to see Dr Butzer next week for his shots and possible de-worming should he still have them. That is one of the causes of this issue and hopefully if that is the case we can fix it. I feed him an enormous amount of food three times a day and he still seems ravenous. BUT he is also growing like a weed.

So… anyone have any suggestions? Tips? Tricks to stop this awful issue? PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

Canine cancer… handled.

Poop eating….????? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Let Them Eat Poop!”

  1. Eating poop Gross….LOL

  2. Honey one of my girls is 10 and still eats poop. She loves my neighbors kitteh cookies!! And I can’t stand it when she sneaks over to take a nibble.. I know how u feel!! Hang in there :) it’s all worth it:)

  3. Ok, I broke Kendall of all her bad habits , eating poop,underware,peeing in the house , all kinds of things !!! It’s very simple , watch him closely after he does his business and as soon as he makes a move to eat it scream and clap your hands as loud as you can to scare him, BUT you have to catch him JUST BEFORE , during or after is too late, so watch close TIMING IS IMPORTANT !!!!! Works like a charm ! ( learned it on the dog whisperer )

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