Oscar Meet Dr. Butzer!!!


Oscar met Dr Butzer today for the first time and it was love at first sight. It was completely mutual and I knew it would not go any other way. After waiting for a bit and the girls doting on him with coos and love, Oscar was all kinds of hyped up by the time we got into the room. He was whining and silly at times… he is a totally different type of dog than Cody which is a learning experience every time i take him anywhere. It is hilarious that he is so vocal.

Erin helped get his weight which is close to 20lbs! He gained 5 whole lbs in one month! Wow! She took a sample to check him for worms and then we waited again while Oscar whined that he missed her.

And then Doc came into the room … and the serious love fest began…



He said that as soon as he heard I was here he knew I had a new baby to spoil rotten. He told Oscar how lucky he was to have been saved by me and it made me feel great to see Doc again. I missed him.

We talked about Cody for a bit and Doc told me he has his pictures all over the hospital… the collage I gave him after Cody passed is hanging in Room 1 and the girls told me they have Cody’s 6th birthday picture at the front desk. Cody is everywhere and they still love him as much as I do. And now there is Oscar…

Doc said that it was ok after this round of shots for him to go to the dog park. He also said when I asked about pet insurance that he did not really know too much about it but to ask the girls. I asked about Heartworm protection but I want something less toxic and harmful than the common stuff. He said Iverheart is the better of them and because it does not have the flea protection in it it is less toxic. I do not like the idea of ingesting flea repellent and having it secreted through the skin… and I also do not like the oil that you put on the back of the neck either. So Oscar will get regular Eucalyptus baths in flea season and Doc said he never treats his own dogs with that toxic stuff. So I feel validated about that.

I voiced my disapproval for Oscar being neutered already and told Doc I thought it was too young. He never had a chance to develop the hormones he is supposed to. Doc told me that he used to volunteer at shelters and was doing a lot of spays and neuters of very young puppies, and a lot would die under anesthesia. The shelters just thought that was part of doing business and he said he stopped doing the volunteer work because he disagreed with that. The puppies were too young to be put under let alone fixed.

TOTALLY agree. I love that man.

I told him that Oscar was on a grain free diet and eating three whole cups of Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula food. He loved that and said it was about time companies started to make grain free food, not only because of the allergens but the weight control as well.

TOTALLY agree. I love that man.

So Oscar got his shots, clean bill of health, dewormed again anyway and a sample of Iverheart to start on the 14th… same day of the month Cody would have his dose.

And we are off to the races!!!!


As I was checking out which was very inexpensive ($80.00 for two shots, nails clipped, deworming and checkup) the girls told me that all they hear are complaints about all pet insurance. They said it was a battle to get simple things covered and the insurance companies call them all the time asking for better reasons for procedures in order to cover them. I asked about cancer coverage and they said it is somewhat covered but most pet owners complain that the insurance is not worth it.

Interesting and worth investigating further.

Some other news, Oscar had his first trip on the kayak this weekend . He was an absolute pro and loved it. He stared at all the birds (which are many since they are all here from all over for the winter) and was fascinated by the water and the sounds of the kayak.


I also took him on a LONG hike (for him) through a wilderness path in my local park. I am on a mission to wear him out! And I apparently did… the end of the hike I had to carry him… he was pooped.


I am training my adventure buddy early!!!

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on December 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “Oscar Meet Dr. Butzer!!!”

  1. I love keeping up with your posts. I lost my 3 yo Aussie to lymphoma 4 weeks, he stopped responding to chemotherapy :/. Anyways, I love how happy your new little one is making you. Cody would have loved Oscar! I think he brought him to you.
    I’m hoping to get another little friend in February, another aussie. Being at home without my Roo is way too difficult.
    I have to say, the health insurance…its a great idea. Its a financial savior for emergencies and illnesses. I moved to Northern VA and was afraid my bud would eat something and it cost $$$$$. Never did I imagine we would need it for cancer. It helped alot, I was blessed and his timing of diagnoses allowed me to use two ‘years’ worth of coverage, and VPI saved me almost $6500. Somestimes they are a hassle, and its upsetting, but if you fill out the forms right and have a diagnosis and that its not ‘pre-existing’ it usually goes over well. I used VPI (accident injury illness major medical plan). They are pretty easy going. I wish they would cover more than they do for things like cancer, but it helped a lot (it gave me 10 extra months with him). Another one I’ve done slight research on is Trupanion, I don’t think they have a limit and they cover supplements and some holistic treatments. I’ve heard they are a bit more difficult to deal with (like being picky about the paper work), but in my opinion, when it comes to being able to save our pet’s life and being financially okay..its worth it. Thought I’d give my input. I hope you are

    • I’m so sorry. Aussies are gorgeous and 3 years is cruelly young. All the best, and I hope you find more doggie love in your life. Alex

  2. Brittany,

    First I am so sorry to hear about your boy. And three years old is way too young! Doc and I talked about pure breds and how they seem to get more cancers than the mixed rescues. It’s so sad. And I completely relate about being in the empty house… it was too much at times.

    Thank you for your input on the pet insurance. I am definitely interested after my experience with Cody. I am not really looking for the savings on regular visits as much as shots and if the universe hands me another tragic event. I have heard that VPI is the best out of the lot. I will definitely check into them and the other you mentioned as well.

    Hang in there and thanks again!


  3. He sure is a cutie pie thanks for sharing!

  4. The puppy is cute, but the smile on his mumma is priceless. Way to go, Michelle. I can’t wait to follow Oscar’s progress. You look SO HAPPY.

  5. I echo the above re: insurance. Paying over $100/month (Canadian) on my German Shepherd felt hellish especially as a student, but when she injured herself with her gymnastics display and it cost $4000 for orthopaedic surgery I would otherwise have had to have a crippled dog or have her put down. What a choice! Today she walks very well for an 8 year-old GSD, all told, just some occasional stiffness which is not uncommon anyway. Worrying about them and worrying about paying for their care is a double burden. If you can afford it, it is going to be worth it, as much as I resent that monthly bill.

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