Hasta La Vista 2012… Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year everybody!

I can’t say I’m sad to see 2012 go away and fade to memory… It has been one of the roughest years I can remember. I knew at the start of the year that it was going to be rough, I held no grand illusions. But no amount of preparation can really prepare you for the loss of a pet. Especially one like Cody. This is my first Christmas without him, and I didn’t decorate at all this year. No tree, no stockings or lights… it is hard when it is 80 degrees out to get into the holiday spirit anyway, but this year was particularly hard. I did not even bust out his jingle bells for Oscar (a red and white fuzzy collar with bells on it that is stretchy that he loved). It just didn’t seem appropriate. I have fond memories of putting it on Cody and having him prance around the living room. He commanded all the attention in the room and he loved it. The jingle bells wouldn’t fit Oscar rite now anyway, so maybe at some point when he gets a little bigger I’ll try it on him. But this year it just wasn’t right. Too soon…

Cody Hat BellsCody Antlers

We did have our fun though. Oscar is a very smart boy who is growing like a weed. He is much taller and very much adolescent and no longer puppy-ish. I had a month of puppy, barely! I spent the time that I had off with him trying to train him as much as possible. He knows sit, lay down, and this morning I taught him to rollover! It’s amazing how he remembers all of it too, I guess it’s the consistency. I am a drill sergeant at heart haha!

We are working on the mouthing and the biting, which is really very disturbing and hard-core right now. I do not remember Cody biting this much. Oscar’s little baby shark teeth slice my fingers open really deeply, and I keep having to stock up on Band-Aids. He leads with his mouth, and he just doesn’t seem to understand that it hurts and it is bad. He even growls and barks in my face at times. I have taken him to the dog park quite a few times now, and yesterday I had him in the big dog area for a little while since there were only three dogs in there. It really helps put him in his place, but he plays with his mouth with other dogs so he seems to think it is ok to do that with me. He is also jumping on people a lot so i need to address that too. I can report that there has been no more poop eating which is a huge relief but the new obsession seems to be eating gum out of the grass at the dog park.

All good things in all good time…

He will be 4 months on January 5th. I cannot believe he is only a baby still since he has grown so much. I am starting to plan my Keys vacation week and am looking for a good place to take him for his first adventure. I am looking to camp for a week with the kayak … it will be a mind blowing experience for the little man… the start of many to come.

So here’s to a great 2013, and I look forward to good things in store, good karma, career advancement, AWARENESS, careful listening and being present, giving my undivided attention to those that ask for it and need it, and a lot less cancer… All good things for ALL! Cheers my friends!

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on January 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “Hasta La Vista 2012… Happy New Year!!!”

  1. I had the same problem. I was not in the christmas spirit at all. I didn’t even open my decorations up. In fact, christmas made me angry. It just isn’t the same without my baby boy. Same with snow, I do not want it to snow (though of course this year it will). My Roo LOVED the snow, he would just jump all around, chase snow balls and bury his head in the snow looking for them. Such a goober, I really miss him. I hope this year is amazing for you and your new little friend. I’m having trouble on deciding on a new little one.

    I totally agree with you! I am glad 2012 is finished! It’s was the worst year ever for me. Kuma was diagnosed with cancer Jan 17th and passed on in August. It was my first Christmas this year without him:( I have to say though your blog of Cody helped me get through a lot and it’s much appreciated.
    Hope you have a prosperous 2013.
    Take care,

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