Camping and Kayaking and Swimming OH MY!!!

Well as I work from home as well as work on a project on my house that was much needed, I am also preparing for a week of camping and kayaking with the boy in the Keys starting Sunday. Beach camping I should clarify. This is the BEST time of year here in Florida.


I have a spot that I frequent regularly and when I can get a site I just go for it. It is amazing and refreshing and revitalizing and basically resets my engine. It is where I took Cody numerous times, and a place that he loved. Oscar will love it too. He has never been anywhere yet being only 4 months on this planet. And by the way… getting REALLY big! Remember that puppy that could lay on my chest? Well roles are reversing and I am almost able to lay on his chest like i did with Cody. LOVE! And I am super excited to get him into the kayak and the water… I have no idea if he can swim! I did buy him a life preserver that fits him (Cody’s is too big right now) just in case he sinks like a stone. There is a fantastic dog beach right down the road from camp…


It makes me think about all the trips I took with Cody. Not only camping trips, but being that the holidays just passed I was reflecting a lot on the Christmas trip I took with him and my cat Jimi. I was living alone, single for many years and not dating anyone, in my own house at that point feeling sorry for myself and wishing I could take trips with someone special. I realized my someone specials were laying at my feet and wild hair raiser that I am I decided to take two weeks off of work and drive myself to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends through New Years. And i did just that. It was 2007 and I piled the dog, cat, dog bed and gear into my 5 speed manual transmission awesome VW Passat that I LOVED to drive (I miss that car still!) and hit the road. Cody was only two at the time… and he had a blast. Head out the window as much as possible, or laying on my lap he was excited to see the changes of scenery. We stopped at rest stops along the way and some scenic detours. We got a hotel that I found on a pet website somewhere in Virginia for the night each way, and he got to see the house I grew up in. I would post pictures of this trip but my external harddrive apparently died so I may have in fact lost all of my pictures of Cody which upsets me more than anything I can imagine… I am trying to find a solution… anyway….

My Step Dad is a total animal lover and he played with Cody in my giant backyard throwing the ball off the deck for him to chase over and over and over. It was greatness. Cody was spoiled with table food and treats, butt rubs and love. I was absolutely freezing by the way being totally acclimated to Florida and becoming a serious cold weather wimp. Cody on the other hand LOVED it! He loved walking through the woods and the huge trees. He got to see deer and bunnies that my yard attracted regularly for the first time. We had a blast… it was one of my favorite trips not only because it was mine and I went at my own pace without anyone elses input… but I was with my boys. Jimi did great too… he is a trooper.

That was the last year I got to see the Mummer’s Parade in Philadelphia which is SO MUCH FUN! If you do not know what it is do a google search… it is Philly at it’s prime. And then on the second with the flu I piled everyone in the car and drove us all back to Florida. It was a great trip.

And now it is Oscar’s turn. My Mom has since sold that house so there is a sense of nostalgia there that Oscar will not get to see… but there is a new chapter of many trips to be taken and I still have tons of family and friends in PA to visit.

And camping. Oscar is getting more and more well behaved every day. The benefit of working from home is that I get to spend a lot of time with him and consistency is really the key. No is always no, good boy is rewarding good behavior. He knows a lot of commands already and knows when to stop biting Mommy by the tone of my voice. We’ll see how he does in a tent and in the water. He has not been in the kayak for a while either and there are some deep water channels we will need to cross if he behaves to get to some primo spots for desolate beach sunning. Hence the doggie life jacket.


Oh and in case you were wondering if Oscar is happy… well I think these next pictures will answer that question…


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on January 18, 2013.

One Response to “Camping and Kayaking and Swimming OH MY!!!”

  1. Remember to bring Oscar to the Big Pine Key Bark Park, off Key Deer Blvd, behind the ball field. If he needs to run! if you see a recumbent trike with a dog trailer attached that’s me.

    Safe travels lots of events happening in the Keys this weekend.

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