We Are What We Eat…

I am on Facebook and like most folks that are… I am somewhat addicted. That being said I have “subscribed” to a lot of feeds that are important to me that bring me information easily that I would not normally remember to go and find. Natural homes out of mud and clay, creative gardening, Japanese wood fired ceramics, Anti-Monsanto pages, and lots and lots of dog and pet owner pages.

Well I woke up this morning, made some coffee, looked for availability of my favorite campsites like i do every morning, and then browsed Facebook and saw this. This is a post from a dog owner (who shall remain nameless) to the Beneful Food Company:

“This will be last and final post to your site- it’s beyond pointless trying to reason with your company that takes zero accountability for their actions. I read complaint after complaint from heartbroken, concerned dog owners and all they get is the same cut and paste responses. Same ailments, same symptoms, same outcomes that you simply chalk up to misinformation. Shame on you Beneful. Great commercials, adorable ads- unfortunately this was not my reality. This is my “Beneful Dog”, or should I say was. I watched her die from kidney failure at the young age of 7. Our vet asked if we had fed her anti-freeze? My lab who was on the same food had knots form all over his body. My only hope is people continue to question and spread the word. Research the food you are feeding your pets- plain and simple.”


Seven years old. Kidney failure. Alllll too familiar. That IV in her back resonates with me. I had to post this before Beneful takes down that post because as you know, all good marketing teams filter the info you get.

I have posted many times before about what large companies put in dog food. Hey, it’s a dog. Who cares right? Let’s just take all the crap that is not safe for human consumption, is laced with drugs – antibiotics, hormones, pesticides… mix it with a ton of grains that are not part of a natural canine or feline diet… and package it all up with cute puppy commercials! YES!

Well this is what it does.

I feed Oscar Blue Buffalo Wild. It claims to have no grains and is safe. But who really knows. I would make his food like I did for Cody but honestly it is enough work to feed myself. But this post makes me reconsider my choices. Oscar has constant diarrhea and Butzer says it is probably his bulldozer habit right now… being a puppy. But I wonder…

This post made me sick this morning and most of all angry! If we cannot trust companies that are in charge of our food and that of our loved ones… what is the world coming to? Being a human in this world is already a lot of work… now you can add this to your ever expanding list.

RESEARCH EVERYTHING AND KNOW WHAT YOU CONSUME…. yours and your pet’s lives depend on it….




~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on February 3, 2013.

3 Responses to “We Are What We Eat…”

  1. Well said Michelle. Your anger is righteous and palpable.

    I think there are three main things going on here, which are interrelated and I’m painting with a broad brush, however, let’s keep the conversation going:

    1) Greed by Purina and pet food companies. Charge a lot for dog food but put what is basically shit in it to cut costs. I don’t know about now, but in the past some pet food has included road kill, dead shelter animals that have been put down with lethal injection, animals that have died of cancerous tumours, deadstock, etc.

    Ground up collars have been found in canned pet food, and the residues of whatever euthanasia materials were used to kill those poor unclaimed souls. They didn’t even take off the collars to cover their tracks. Which leads to:

    2 ) Lack of regulation and federal/provincial/state oversight. Gutless politicians who are strangled by overreliance on campaign money and an agriculture/factory farm industry with immense economic power as a result. “Red tape” they scream, as if every bit of safety regulation is a communist plot and the market should be left to govern itself. Not every consumer has the time and resources to investigate every item they buy. People expect government to protect them and are let down. Animals get even less attention.

    3) Overreliance on overseas imports (to hold down cost) from China, Indonesia, etc. (see number one). You just don’t know what you are getting.
    Look at all the Chinese babies that died because of poisons put in infant formula, toothpaste, lead in toys, etc. If it isn’t made in Canada/US/Europe it is best avoided. And even that is false security.

    There has also been a fairly successful attempt to dissuade people from feeding “people food” to animals. Agreed, fries and gravy and junk food are not good for pets. Too much fat can cause pancreatitis and carbohydrates weight gain and diabetes. But seriously, I eat good food and minus the onions, raisins/grapes, chocolate, macadamia nuts and other known canine toxins, I would feed most of it to my own animals, within reason. If people are scared to provide food for their animals, they will pay big bucks for the commercial product in the belief that it is better. Sometimes it is. But not always, as the owner of the poor beast in the photo above can attest.

    I think it is especially difficult for poor people, who often cannot afford to buy the better brands of food. It is easy to say that if you can’t afford to feed a pet, don’t get one. But with all of the animals that get put down every year for lack of homes, is that really a satisfactory answer? Only the middle class (and not even all of them any more!) and the rich should have pets? 75% of the animals would not have a home if that was the case. Most people want their child to have a pet at some time, and the impulse is usually humane even if the outcome is not.

    I buy the best I can afford, but I’ve cut corner at times after finishing school and looking for work, and as soon as I can afford it I’m back on the good stuff. But many people are unable to figure out how to feed their children, never mind their animals. You expect you fork out the money and whatever is in the can or bag is, if not health food, at least devoid of toxins in deadly amounts.

    But I save my white hot anger for veterinarians (collectively, not all individuals) via their professional associations. The CVA/AVA sign off on a lot of real shit and they need to start being more selective. They have lost credibility by allowing their professional umbrella group to put their logo on pet food that nobody should be buying. For what – business promotion, golf trips, Caribbean holidays? We need to hold their feet to the fire.

    Thanks. And sorry. This really f#%$ing pisses me off.

  2. http://www.naturalnews.com/012647_pet_food_dog.html

    is a good overview of some of the claims I’ve made. You think/hope you imagined some of this, you look it up, and no. It’s worse than you thought!

  3. Alex,

    It is maddening. Absolutely horrifying. Disgusting. And most of all sad that in the name of money again we sacrifice our health and lives of not only ourselves but devalue the lives of our pets so much. As a consumer and a Mommy and pet owner I really try to do my best for my own health and that of my animals, they depend on me! And those folks that have children… do you know what you are feeding them? How can you trust ANYONE or ANYTHING when this is the kind of business you run into at every turn. There is ALWAYS a catch isn’t there? Sad but true…

    When Cody was diagnosed I did a lot of research as you know. I posted about this very issue and that is what made me prepare his food from fresh ingredients. I actually first switched him to the the food mix Birkdale Pet Mix but the issue is the cost and the shipping! It breaks the bank…

    I just posted another blog post with resource links… I hope it helps people educate themselves on this important issue… and maybe pushes some into action. This shit happens because WE LET IT!

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